“Sweet” by Cigarettes After Sex

The lyrics of Cigarettes After Sex’s “Sweet” revolve around the notion of the vocalist being thoroughly smitten by the addressee. To illustrate that point, he makes us listeners aware of the fact that not only is she quite sexy but also the type who sends him sensual videos. 

But when Greg watches them, his focus isn’t solely on her body, despite the singer admittedly being “obsessed” with it. Instead it is the littler things so to speak, like her “smile” and “eyes”, that really impresses him. 

In other words, it is such displays which verify that the addressee too is in love with him, despite direct terminology of this nature never being exchanged between the two of them. And the vocalist understands that being in love is such that his heart may be ultimately broken. But he’s more than willing to take the risk in the name of calling the addressee his own.

Lyrics for Cigarettes After Sex's "Sweet"

Release of “Sweet”

This was the fourth and final single from Cigarettes After Sex’s debut album, a self-titled effort that Partisan Records made public on 9 June 2017. 

As for this outfit, they are a pop band from El Paso whose discography, as of this writing, is 10 years old. And besides for “Cigarettes After Sex” they’ve thus far dropped one other studio album, 2019’s “Cry”.  And as it currently stands, this act’s signature song is another track, “Apocalypse“, from their first LP.

This group is fronted by Greg Gonzalez, and at the time of the issuance of “Sweet” he was backed by the following artists:

  • Randy Miller
  • Phillip Tubbs
  • Jacob Tomsky

Tubbs, the bassist, is still down with the band as of this writing.

“Sweet” served as the fourth and final single from “Cigarettes After Sex”, but it doesn’t have a chart history to speak of.


Greg Gonzalez is credited as the writer and producer of “Sweet”.


What Fans Are Saying About “Sweet”

A fan expressed how “Sweet” makes her feel loved, comforted and at peace. It’s a song that she can listen to all day.

This track has also helped a fan make her depressing life sunnier. According to her, when she was at the lowest point in her life, it was this song that save her.

Another fan said he would play this song when the sun starts to rise. To him, doing this made every day beautiful.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I was lovebombed by a guy with this song. He was a fraud so it’s hard to believe the lyrics are genuinely loving and caring.

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