Pretty Boy – Decoding the Melancholy Anthem of a Generation

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Article Contents:
  1. Music Video
  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. The Gilded Cage of Beauty’s Curse
  5. Moments of Vulnerability in a Masked Dance
  6. Society’s Whispers and the Unspoken Dialogue
  7. The Hidden Meaning: A Cacophony of Unheard Melodies
  8. Memorable Lines: The Chorus That Captures It All


If it were up to me I'd turn you into a
Stone and turn the lights down low
For effect and i'd steal your
Cigarettes and i'd be softer than i am
Through cigarette smoke and if
Anybody sees ill say i did it as a joke
So but how about his loneliness he
Gets it from his mom 100 dollars for
His haircut but a smile from god and
When he touches you you'll wonder
How he keeps his hands so soft he
Got some money from his grandma
Guess he'll never have a job

Oh pretty boy
Don't speak
You pretty boys
Are only good for one thing

But anyways that isn't even what i
Meant to say i meant to sing a song
To you to make you fall asleep so you
Wouldn't have to talk to you and you
Wouldn't talk to me but i could lay on
Top of you and soak in all your heat
Don't let them catch you crying boy
If it didn't really hurt she took a drink
To jog her memory but it didn't really
Work she meant to sing a song but
Couldn't memorize the words she
Only knew the chorus she had to
Mumble through the verse

Oh pretty boy
Don't think
You pretty boys
Are only good for one thing

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Within the soft beats and the throwback melody lies a poetic discourse, TV Girl’s ‘Pretty Boy’ is a song that encapsulates more than what meets the ear. It is a narrative of modern apathy, a commentary on the complexities of relationships and the human psyche in today’s era.

As we dive into the lyrical depths, the seemingly simple song transforms into a complex mirror, reflecting the internal dialogues of intimacy, societal expectations, and the battle between authenticity and facade. This article peels back the layers of ‘Pretty Boy’ to uncover the profound sentiments embedded within.

The Gilded Cage of Beauty’s Curse

The opening lines of ‘Pretty Boy’ set the stage for a story of superficiality and paradoxical desires. The protagonist speaks to turning the object of affection, the ‘pretty boy,’ into stone, not just as an ode to eternal preservation of beauty, but perhaps, as a metaphor for the incapability of deep connection.

The ‘turning of lights down low’ and the theft of cigarettes suggest a yearning for intimacy and a closeness that perhaps only a controlled scenario could provide. This brings to fore the underlying lamentation of being close to someone who is only valued for their surface-level attributes.

Moments of Vulnerability in a Masked Dance

One of the most resonant lines in the song speaks to a hidden loneliness, an inheritance from the mother, juxtaposed with the external facade of a ‘smile from God.’ This duality suggests an inescapable void that no amount of external adulation can fill.

And yet, the touch of the ‘pretty boy,’ soft as it may be, brings about a momentary suspension of these thoughts. It’s this fleeting physical connection that highlights both the craving and the temporary satiation of the inner void.

Society’s Whispers and the Unspoken Dialogue

There’s an unyielding poignancy in the crisp declaration that ‘pretty boys’ should neither speak nor think, but are just vessels of pleasure, a reductive existence imposed by society and, in part, internalized by the individuals themselves.

This grave assertion spurs from a deeper cultural critique, posing the question of who gets to define individual worth and why it ties so severely to physical charm and the narrowness of utilitarian relationships.

The Hidden Meaning: A Cacophony of Unheard Melodies

One could argue that at its core, ‘Pretty Boy’ is a song about unfulfilled desires and the aspects of ourselves we mute for acceptance. The repetition of an unsung song signifies unexpressed sentiments, the conversations not had, and the authentic self often overshadowed by the need to perform.

This stands as a testament to the friction between the internal world of complex emotions and the external expectation of simplicity and superficial transactions, particularly in the landscape of modern love.

Memorable Lines: The Chorus That Captures It All

The starkly memorable chorus of the song is a striking indictment of shallow perceptions. The chant-like simplicity with which the lines ‘Oh pretty boy, don’t think, you pretty boys, are only good for one thing’ are delivered reverberates as both a condemnation and a sardonic acceptance of the role assigned.

It articulates the central theme of the song — the objectification and disposability of individuals based on their outward appearance, a theme that resonates with listeners who have ever felt unseen beyond the surface level.

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