“Project” by Chase McDaniel 

The “project” mentioned in the title is actually a reference to the vocalist himself. And that’s another way of him putting forth that, as far as romance is concerned, he recognizes himself as a work in progress.

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Or put more bluntly, at this stage in his life Chase McDaniel is more preoccupied with sowing his oats than with the prospect of settling down. Indeed mom dukes herself is encouraging him in the latter regard, that he should find that special someone and produce some grandkids for her. But in keeping it real with himself, the vocalist admits that, as much as he may value his mother’s opinion, he’s not the settling down type.

So the primary addressees of this piece are romantic interests, i.e. ladies who want to call Chase their own. And what he’s telling them, quite frankly, is that falling in love with him would be “a mistake” on their part, because he’s not interested in monogamy or anything like that. And if they need verification of that fact, they should “ask around… town” and ‘listen to their friends’ to get a gander of the reputation he has already developed.

So perhaps at the end of the day this can be classified as a playa song, though it isn’t the type whereas a womanizer is bragging about his conquests. To the contrary, it is quite evident that this vocalist is sensitive to womankind  enough so that he’s letting potential partners know beforehand that he’s down for a night of fun but not a long-term relationship.

Lyrics for Chase McDaniel's "Project"

Chase McDaniel

As of the dropping of this track circa early June, 2022, Chase McDaniel is a newjack on the music scene. In other words, there are only three other official songs in his discography, and he has yet to gain worldwide stardom. 


And “Project” is the first of his tunes to hit, as in appearing on a handful of Billboard charts, most notably debuting on top of the Country Digital Song Sales list. Moreover, it reached number one on iTunes’ Top Songs ranking.

To note Chase McDaniel is primarily classified, based on what’s written about him thus far, as a country musician.


3 Responses

  1. Becky Adams says:

    This song would be #1 on all charts if everyone gets to hear it! Great for dancing and Chase’s voice is OUTSTANDING. Love love it!!

  2. Laurie says:

    Are u selling it on CD’s?

  3. TMeBee says:

    When I 1st heard this song
    *Project*- I shared it w/ everybody I know.
    I absolutely LOVE this song.
    It’s a get up & dance song.
    Great rhythm/beat & just the whole darn song is AWESOME.
    It’s stuck in my head all day.
    And before to long I’m gonna have it mimerized by heart!!
    And that’s a PROJECT!!

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