“Ransom” by Lil Tecca

Lil Tecca’s “Ransom” (also stylized as “Ran$om”) is a song founded partially in fantasy and partially in reality. Tecca is portraying a role in the track, presenting himself as extremely-rich and somewhat of a thug, though he is not actually so. But at the same time he also raps about his recent come-up, which really occurred.

In terms of his wealth, Lil Tecca makes ridiculous claims for someone who has come from a normal background and only recently blew up. For instance, he asserts that he owns expensive Rolls-Royces in various colors. He also namedrops a few luxury-fashion brands, claiming he has them in different colors also in addition to insinuating that he sometimes travels to Milan, Italy to purchase such. In terms of the clothes in particular, he seems to be making these assertions specifically in the name of impressing women. However, Lil Tecca has admitted, outside the song, that he included such verbiage primarily in the name of wordplay.

Tecca also states that he “got two twin Glocks” and will turn opponents into “a dancer”. In other words, he is making it clear that he has guns and ain’t afraid to use them. But given his actual lifestyle of school and videogames, this once again is part of the fantastical side of  “Ransom”, with the heavy allusion to violence and wealth likely being included to make it more-mainstream standard.

But he also alludes to some of the ways his life has really changed in the midst of recently becoming a music star. For instance, he brings to light that girls who didn’t pay him any mind back in the day are now trying to holla at him. But in staying grounded and remembering where he came from, he is not giving them the time of day.

Meaning of song’s title (Ransom)

To being with, the word “ransom” is the money paid in order to ensure the release of someone or something who has been held captive.

In terms of the title of this song, although the word “ransom” is mentioned in the track, it does not directly relate to its overall theme. In fact Lil Tecca has stated that he basically chose the name of the song at random. And in the instance where he mentions the word, he uses it as a warning to his rivals. He warns them that he wouldn’t hesitate holding them to ransom if they try to steal his flow. Simply put, he’s trying to say he kidnaps rivals who try stealing his flow and asking for ransom.


So ultimately what we have here, at least content-wise, is your standard boast rap. Lil Tecca is letting the world know that he’s paid and is about that street life. Giving his current standing this is more fantasy than reality. However, considering that he is now one of the hot young artists on the scene, he at least has a legitimate shot at achieving his goal of being super rich.

Lyrics of "Ransom"

Writing, Production and Release

“Ransom” was produced by Nick Mira and Taz Taylor, who also assisted Lil Tecca in writing the song. “Ransom” was released by Galactic Records, Republic Records and Universal Music Group on 22 May 2019.

“Ransom” made Lil Tecca Famous

Lil Tecca began his rap career, via SoundCloud, in 2018. However, it was the success of “Ransom” which really put his name on the map.

An International Hit

“Ransom” charted internationally, including entering the top 5 on the Canadian Hot 100 and charting in England. In America, it made it into the top 10 on the Hot 100. Achieving this feat was beyond impressive, considering it was Lil Tecca’s first appearance on the Hot 100.

FYI, Lil Tecca was first made privy to the fact that he actually made the Billboard Hot 100 via his mother.

Music Video for “Ransom”

Within 24 hours of the song’s music video premiering on the YouTube channel of Lyrical Lemonade and it garnered over 40-million views. The video was directed by Cole Bennett (who is the founder of Lyrical Lemonade).

Why haven’t we posted the video? Unfortunately we cannot do so since it is utterly not family friendly.

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