“Reasons I Drink” by Alanis Morissette

“Reasons I Drink” is a song about Alanis Morisette’s publicly-known issues with alcohol. And despite apparently insinuating that she does have concerns in terms of her booze consumption, the lyrics of the song aren’t apologetic. Nor do they come off as if she really wants to stop.Rather, as the title suggests, she is pointing out the reasons why this substance has taken hold of her in the first place. 

In the first verse she alludes to the idea that she has been working since she was a small child. So it would seem that a hard upbringing had something to do with her initially resorting to the bottle. Moreover in the second verse she hints that she concurrently possesses an eating disorder. And along those same lines, she may occasionally be compelled to splurge money, such as copping a Lamborghini. 

And what all of these actions boil down to is that they serve as a means for her to overcome depression. So the song, as with the video itself, concludes on a non-definitive note. That is to say that there is no clear indication, despite the underlying sentiment that the singer has a problem with drinking, that she intends to stop.

Lyrics for "Reasons I Drink"

Writing Credits

“Reasons I Drink” was written by Alanis Morisette alongside Michael Farrell. And the track was produced by Alex Hope.

Release Date of “Reasons I Drink”

This song was released, via Epiphany Music, as the lead single from Alanis’ album titled “Such Pretty Forks in the Road” on 2 December 2019.

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