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Convicted witch my life will end
At midnight on the stake
My dedicated life was spent
To insubordinate
Secured by lock inside a cell
Imprisoned for no crime
The shackles will be useless
When your life is out of time

Incantation spell gone by
I will see life again
My deals will made eternally
I signed the book of red
My rage will be unleashed again
Burning the next morn
Death means nothing, there is no end
I will be reborn

No gift of exile in my fate
I’ll get no amnesty
You can’t control my destiny
There is no habitual need
Proclaim my death, to end my wrath
It takes more than one try
Indulge your ineffective curse
I will never die

You think by killing me tonight
My powers will not rise
There’ll be nowhere for you to run
When my hatred comes to life
Condemned to fill the prophecy
Allowing no first born
Defy your morbid declaration
Leave you ripped and torn

Count your blessing would be priest
As I burn upon the stake
You’d be forgiven endlessly
But your values are all fake
Forever servant of my Lord
By choice and not submission
Maybe now I’ve made you wonder
Am I superstition

Incantation spell gone by
I will live again
My deals will made eternally
I signed the book in red
My rage will be unleashed again
Burning the next morn
Death means nothing there is no end
I will be reborn

Full Lyrics

The explosive track ‘Reborn’ by Slayer is often hailed as a venomous anthem punctuating the themes of resistance, power, and the inextinguishable human spirit. Distilling the essence of these dark lyrics, we uncover a testament to the indomitable will, a narrative that goes beyond the confines of death and into the realm of eternal rebirth.

Within its terse, caustic verses, ‘Reborn’ unearths a deep-seated narrative of witchery, persecution, and the echoing promise of resurrection. The song, a crucial segment of Slayer’s 1986 album ‘Reign in Blood’, employs the sorcerous and the profane to weave a robust metaphor for defiance and the inefficacy of tyranny.

The Witch’s Defiant Curse: Conjuring the Indestructible

The vivid imagery of a convicted witch at the brink of demise establishes a scenario of ultimate persecution. However, rather than capitulating to the inevitability of death, the lyrics convey a ferocious defiance. The witch’s conviction is unyielding; their life is a monument to insubordination, reflecting a broader spirit of dissent and standing as a figure of uncontrollable rebellion.

Secured within the confines of a cell, the witch represents every individual who has been metaphorically shackled for their beliefs or ideologies. Their impending execution on the stake is a stark reminder of the brutal history of silencing the non-conformists but also serves to ignite the undying spark of revolt symbolized by the promise of rebirth.

An Oath in Crimson: Signing the Eternal Pact

The act of signing ‘the book of red’ is a covenant bound in blood, echoing an endless cycle of rebirth. It’s an unholy alliance that evokes the timeless allure of deals with the diabolical while encapsulating a spirit that refuses subjugation. With every passing ‘morn’, the rage of the witch is renewed, signaling that true power can never be quelled, not even by the hands of death.

The narrative speaks to a broader allegory of resilience, where any attempt to stifle one’s existence only fortifies their resolve. Through this arcane agreement, the lyrical voice captures an everlasting incantation, a spellbinding hymn of vengeance and regeneration.

Failure of the Fatal Curse: Immortality Beyond the Pyre

Through the refrain ‘I will be reborn’, Slayer deftly transforms the ultimate punishment into an ultimate failure for the persecutors. The witch laughs in the face of the executioner’s naivety, proclaiming that death is but a mere transitory phase, powerless in containing their arcane rage.

The lyrics challenge the very notion of ending life as a means to quench turmoil, serving as an impudent reminder of the futility of seeking the end of that which is bound to an eternal cycle of resurrection. It symbolizes the revolutionary idea that martyrdom is not an end but the beginning of a legacy of unrest and revolt.

Destruction of the Prophecy: Sundering the Chains of Fate

Daring to ‘defy your morbid declaration’, the witch in ‘Reborn’ heralds a shattering of prophecy, uprooting the script that was meant to write them out of history. This brazen disregard for predestined doom is a clarion call that resonates with any who have faced oppression, promising to leave their enemies ‘ripped and torn’ by the relentless onslaught of their unchained power.

The symbolic destruction of the prophecy is Slayer’s nod to the unpredictable nature of defiance. The supposed destiny of nullification by flame is but an ember swiftly extinguished by the overwhelming tempest of the returned.

Unholy Homily: The Wicked Sermon of the Unrepentant

Critiquing the hypocrisy of the pious, ‘Reborn’ casts a scorching glare upon the ‘valueless’ blessings of the would-be priest. At the stake, the song’s protagonist reveals a paradoxical truth: that the servant of a higher power, the witch, opts for a chosen servitude rather than coerced submission.

The searing final verses of the song pose an open query about superstition, inviting listeners to ponder over the legitimacy of that which is often branded as heretical. The song stands as a blasphemous hymn, rebuking the sanctimonious and reinforcing the notion that some allegiances, though demonized, are forged from genuine faith and conviction.

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