“Relate” by For KING & COUNTRY

“Relate” is an empathetic song, with the vocalist(s) making a conscientious effort to “relate” to the audience. And the meeting point between the two parties, i.e. us and the singer, rests on the idea that we all know how it feels to be disappointed, downtrodden or what have you. 

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And this is not only due to external factors but also sometimes our own “mistakes” and shortcomings.

But in the midst of realizing such, the vocalist comes to two conclusions. One is that “we’re on to better days”, i.e. the future being more pleasant than the past. So in that regard, we can say that this is actually a song of optimism. 

And secondly, being that this is a Christian effort, the vocalist is also entreating “the grace of God” to help us all “relate” to each other better. Or viewed alternatively, acknowledging that we all have struggles will help foster friendship between mankind. 

Indeed reading a bit in between the lines, what it appears For King & Country is saying is that we’re all equal in our imperfections and the hardships we have or had to face.

Lyrics to "Relate"

For King & Country

For King & Country is a band from Nashville specializing in Christian pop music.  The core members of the group consists of brothers Joel David Smallbone and Luke James Smallbone. 

And whereas they may not be everyday names as far as popular musicians go, For King & Country has been very successful in their musical endeavors. For instance, they won four Grammy Awards between 2015 and 2020.

And of course with that fact in mind they would also have quite a few GMA Dove Awards under their belts. Actually they have brought home seven of those Christian-based accolades from 2013 to 2020.


About the song “Relate”

This track was released via Curb Records on 6 August 2021, seemingly being the duo’s lead single from their fourth studio album. 

Their last effort in that regard, 2018’s “Burn the Ships”, scored For King & Country a number one on Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart.

The Smallbone brothers are individually credited with writing this song and are also jointly  acknowledged as its producers under their For King & Country moniker. 

Another co-writer/co-producer is Josh Kerr. Meanwhile Tayla Parx, who is perhaps best known as a songwriting partner of Ariana Grande’s, also contributed to the composition of “Relate” and Tedd T its production.

For King & Country did perform this song a few times live before it was officially released.

for KING & COUNTRY explains "Relate"

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