Revelations by Iron Maiden Lyrics Meaning – Unveiling the Esoteric Allegories of a Heavy Metal Anthem

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“Oh, God of Earth and Altar
Bow down and hear our cry
Our earthly rulers falter
Our people drift and die
The walls of gold entomb us
The swords of scorn divide
Take not thy thunder from us
Take away our pride”

Just a babe in a black abyss
No reason for a place like this
The walls are cold and souls cry out in pain
An easy way for the blind to go
A clever path for the fools who know
The secret of the Hanged Man, the smile on his lips

The light of the blind
You’ll see
The venom tears my spine
The Eyes of the Nile are opening
You’ll see

She came to me with a serpent’s kiss
As the Eye of the Sun rose on her lips
Moonlight catches silver tears I cry
So we lay in a black embrace
And the seed is sown in a holy place
And I watched, and I waited for the dawn

The light of the blind
You’ll see
The venom that tears my spine
The Eyes of the Nile are opening
You’ll see


Bind all of us together
Ablaze with hope and free
No storm or heavy weather
Will rock the boat you’ll see
The time has come to close your eyes
And still the wind and rain
For the one who will be king
Is the watcher in the ring

It is You, oh
It is You

Full Lyrics

Iron Maiden, the paragons of heavy metal storytelling, have woven a rich tapestry of themes throughout their extensive catalog. Among their revered anthems, ‘Revelations’ stands as a monument of lyrical depth and mystery. The track, featured on their 1983 album ‘Piece of Mind,’ is an intricate montage of allegory and philosophy, painted against the canvas of their signature sound.

This song’s labyrinthine verses extend beyond the bounds of ordinary rock lyricism, delving into realms of religious symbolism, societal commentary, and personal introspection. Peeling back the layers of ‘Revelations,’ one finds not just a song but a multi-faceted narrative that challenges listeners to reflect and interpret.

An Apocalyptic Call to Consciousness

The opening stanza of ‘Revelations’ serves as a stark invocation, channeling the frustration and desperation of a humanity in crisis. It’s not just a critique of earthly institutions, but a plea for divine intervention. The golden walls symbolize both the wealth that separates the powerful from the powerless and the spiritual barricades that confine human potential.

This mournful prologue sets the tone for the song, inviting listeners to explore the dynamic between spiritual faith and human governance. As the physical and metaphysical worlds collide in the lyrics, a portrait of human folly emerges, shaped by Iron Maiden’s haunting musical prowess.

Delving into the Black Abyss: A Journey Through Darkness

The reference to ‘a babe in a black abyss’ captures the innocence lost in the wake of existential despair. This darkness is not only literal but also metaphoric, alluding to the ignorance and suffering that pervade existence. The cold walls and crying souls are visual emblems of the isolation and torment faced by those navigating life’s trials.

Iron Maiden channels this imagery to speak on the blindsided and misguided paths that mankind often treads. It’s a narrative rich with cautionary tales, underscoring the need for enlightenment amidst the snares of life’s proverbial ‘Hanged Man’.

The Mystical Serpent and the Dawn of Understanding

In ‘Revelations,’ Iron Maiden introduces a feminine presence—the bearer of a serpent’s kiss—conjuring images steeped in religious and mythological lore. The serpent is traditionally seen as a symbol of knowledge and sexual awakening, yet also betrayal and deception, enveloping this encounter with layers of complexity.

As the protagonist awaits the dawn, there’s a sense of impending transformation and enlightenment, suggesting that knowledge and truth are born out of the darkest times. It is this moment of intimacy and vulnerability that serves as a vessel for a deeper, philosophical reveal.

Deciphering the Enigmatic ‘Eyes of the Nile’

The recurring phrase ‘The Eyes of the Nile are opening’ imbues the song with an air of ancient wisdom. It can be interpreted to reflect the opening of one’s own eyes to truth and understanding or a reference to the illuminating power of the iconic river—a source of life for civilizations old and new.

The phrase can also be seen as an allusion to the Egyptian Eye of Horus, a symbol of protection, royal power, and good health. Iron Maiden taps into these deep historical veins to enrich the song with a timeless quality that transcends mere historical reference, inviting a contemplation of cyclical rebirth and the immortal legacy of human culture.

The Profound Epiphany: ‘It is You, oh—it is You’

The lyrical journey concludes with a reflection of self-empowerment and destiny. The realization ‘It is You’ is a potent proclamation that the journey to sovereignty and clarity is an inward pursuit. This mirrors the alchemical practice of transformation from base elements to gold, metaphorically translating to the human quest for spiritual and personal growth.

By shifting the focus inward, Iron Maiden suggests an ultimate revelation—that the individual holds the keys to their dominion. It’s a powerful message wrapped in the mystery and allure of ‘Revelations,’ further cementing the song’s place as a thought-provoking masterpiece in their canon.

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