“Ribbon in the Sky” by Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder, as one of the most-respected musicians in industry history, has dropped a number of well-known classics throughout his lengthy career. As a testament to the genius behind his artistry, said tracks deal with a myriad of topics, as opposed to his artistry being defined by a single type of subject matter. 

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As for “Ribbon in the Sky”, even though it didn’t chart particularly well, it has gone on to become Stevie’s most recognizable love song, even beyond those that were hits when they came out.

Concerning the title, all lyrics considered, it can be taken as alluding to marriage, though the lyrics never go there explicitly. But what the “ribbon in the sky” does represent, more generally interpreted, is the relationship at hand being one that’s destined by the stars, if you will. 

Indeed, it is possible that the title is a metaphor for a rainbow and alludes to how said phenomenon is explained in the Bible, as symbolizing a covenant between the Most High and man. And along those lines, we see that in the second verse the vocalist believes that he and the addressee have ‘God on their side’ as far as their relationship goes.

So under the conviction/belief that his union with the addressee was meant to be and is advocated from on high, Stevie has decided to lock her sweetheart down for life, besides hoping that she too is down for the cause.

Do Do Do Do Do

Release Date of “Ribbon in the Sky”

On May 4 of 1982 the “Ribbon in the Sky” song was officially released from the compilation album entitled “Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium I”. The track was actually issued as the third of four singles from said album.

Songwriting and Production

This is a tune that Stevie Wonder authored and produced all by himself.


“Stevie Wonder’s Original Musiquarium I” is a project that was launched through Motown Records. And to note, it represents the singer’s fifth compilation album.

Apart from “Ribbon in the Sky”, the project was supported by these other singles:

  • “That Girl”
  • “Do I Do”
  • “Front Line”
Ribbon in the Sky

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