“Ride” by Twenty One Pilots

“Ride” is as song in which the singer, the Twenty One Pilots’ Tyler Joseph, is contemplating life but to an even greater extent death. Or let’s say that he is pondering his life’s path specifically within the context of it one day coming to a climax. Indeed in the first verse he states he ‘thinks about the end just way to much’. And obviously he derives some kind of pleasure from doing so. Moreover this is not only in regards to his own passing but also fantasizing about the demise of his enemies.

The second verse kicks off with him thinking of whom he would actually give his life for. But this is more of a theoretical question, as he makes this query within the broader context of also asking the listener whom they would make a similar sacrifice in regards to. Yet all of this is not necessarily indicative of the narrator having a death wish. Rather the lyrics operate more along the lines of being philosophical in nature, as in the singer brooding on where the “ride” of life is ultimately taking him in particular and all of us in a macrocosmic sense.

Indeed he concludes that he’s ‘taking his time’ on his life’s journey. Moreover in terms of the aforementioned philosophical queries, he also admits that he’s “been thinking too much” and in fact requests “help” in cooling down his brain.

In Conclusion

So what this song is actually indicative of is the singer thinking too deeply about fundamental questions concerning life. And it isn’t so much in terms of where this “ride” is going as it is how and when it would end. And perhaps more to the point, he ponders how he and even the addressees view the value of their own lives in regards to others.

Lyrics of “Ride”

Facts about “Ride”

Tyler Joseph is also the writer of this song. Moreover he and Ricky Reed produced the tune.

Fueled by Ramen, the duo’s record label, dropped this track on 11 May 2015. It is featured on their fourth album, which is entitled “Blurryface”.

The music video to this track was directed by an outfit known as Reel Bear Media. And entering into the year 2020, the clip has reached almost one-billion views on YouTube.

Indeed this song was a phenomenal hit, performing most-impressively in the Twenty One Pilots’ homeland of the United States. For instance, the track topped three Billboard charts (Alternative Songs, Hot Rock Songs and Mainstream Top 40) and has been certified six-times Platinum by the RIAA. Also interesting to note is that “Ride” reached number one south of the border on Billboard’s Mexico Ingles Airplay listing.

Moreover “Ride” peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 itself and charted in nearly 30 countries overall, including the likes of Latvia, Guatemala and Lebanon.

And other nations in which this track went multi-Platinum, besides the United States, are Canada and Italy.

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