Rita Wilson’s “Throw Me A Party” Lyrics Meaning

“Throw Me A Party” is a song about how American actress and singer, Rita Wilson, would want to be seen and remembered when she’s no more. In April 2015, Rita announced that she had been diagnosed with breast cancer and underwent a double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery. When we listen to the lyrics, we realize that she tries to live as well as she can. She is hoping that her efforts at life and living it are enough to be appreciated.

Despite the fact that she lived well, there are things she wanted to do that she has been unable to. She aims to give life her best shot like time was never going to be enough so that when she is no more, she’ll be remembered with fondness and love and not pain or anguish. Simply put, she wishes to be celebrated in death.

Rita makes it clear that she knows how much pain her departure will cause but wishes that her death will be celebrated instead.

Lyrics of "Throw Me A Party"

This song is directed at someone she loves whom she hopes will tell her stories and never forget her, her husband, fellow actor Tom Hanks. She wants, in her own way to let him know the appreciation she feels and how much the love he shows her means to her. She also mentions that she would love for her songs to be sung along with merry making by family and friends when she’s no more.

All in all, when Rita inevitably dies, she wants her death to be marked with a party instead of a funeral. Hence the title of this song “Throw Me A Party”.

What Rita Wilson has said about this song

According to her, the song was inspired by her breast cancer diagnosis. Here are Rita’s own words in relation to the lyrics of “Throw Me A Party”:

Rita Wilson talks about her cancer diagnosis

Quick Facts about “Throw Me A Party”

  • Rita Wilson wrote this very emotional and inspiring song together with Kristian Bush and Liz Rose.
  • The song was released on March 29, 2019. It is the first track from her 2019 album Halfway To Home. This album is Rita’s fourth studio album.
  • Throughout the lyrics, the song’s title appears as many as six times. This just goes to show how much she needs her loved ones to party upon her demise!
  • “Throw Me A Party” is a song about death.
Rita Wilson performing “Throw Me A Party” live during her April 2019 appearance on The Late Late Show with James Corden.

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