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According to the singer/songwriter, “When We Fall Apart” was inspired by the dying words which his mother imparted on him. Ryan’s mom, whose name of Phyllis, passed away at 58 years of age. However, within the actual featured narrative, Stevenson presents the person who is on his or her deathbed as being 43 years old. 

Or perhaps what he is saying is that was the age in which his mother received news that she was terminally ill, although the emotional insinuation is that the addressee is someone who upon receiving said news didn’t take another 15 years to actually expire.

But we have to still believe that it his mother whom Ryan is referring to because according to many analysts, she is the one who supported and encouraged him in terms of becoming a musician. And likewise in the second verse, we have the addressee inspiring the narrator to “sing some songs that (he) wrote”.

But more to the point is the vocalist’s emotional reaction to all that is transpiring. And understandably, considering what has been put forth earlier, he is devastated. And that reality is also to some extent what the title is based on.

Cry if You Have to Cry

Yet more specifically while Stevenson’s mother was passing, she advised him that, contrary to popular ideologies so to speak, it is actually beneficial to be overcome with emotions at times. Or stated differently if a person is actually compelled to cry, in some cases he or she shouldn’t force themselves not to in the name of playing tough or whatever. 

Instead it is only “when we fall apart” in such a manner that we can truly proceed to heal ourselves from whatever upsetting reality is at hand. And considering that this lesson was in fact his mother’s dying words, it is a teaching that has stayed with Ryan Stevenson since, as illustrated by the creation of this song.

Ryan Stevenson talks about "When We Fall Apart"

In Conclusion

So at the end of the day, even though Ryan may be for the most part a Christian artist, “When We Fall Apart” isn’t religious or even spiritual in nature. As a replacement, what Stevenson is doing is relaying the same aforementioned lesson onto the general audience, using a powerful, reality-based narrative to get the point across. 

And at the heart of that instruction, in his own words, in the assertion that “you don’t have to try to be strong when you’re not”. Or put alternatively, if you feel like you’re on the verge of some type of emotional breakdown, then it’s better to let the tears flow as opposed to trying to keep them in.

"When We Fall Apart" Lyrics

Ryan Stevenson

Ryan Stevenson is a well-known Christian musician, hailing from the state of Oregon. He has been professionally active since 2003 and originally was an independent artist before signing with TobyMac’s Gotee Records sometime around 2013. 

Release Date of “When We Fall Apart”

And it is also Gotee Records that put out “When We Fall Apart” on 3 October 2019. It is derived from Ryan’s third studio album, 2020’s “Wildest Dreams”. The album eventually made it onto Billboard’s Top Christian Albums chart.

Leading up to that point Ryan Stevenson’s most-notable musical accomplishment was winning a 2017 GMA Dove Award – in the category of Pop/Contemporary Recorded Song of the Year – for a track he came out with in 2016 entitled “Eye of the Storm”. Said tune, which featured another Christian artist by the name of GabeReal, stands as Ryan’s most-successful song leading into the 2020s, having topped the following Christian Billboard charts:

  • Airplay
  • Adult Contemporary 
  • Songs

In 2021 Ryan Stevenson dropped a remix of “When We Fall Apart” featuring Amy Grant and Vince Gill. The latter is actually a country music artist.

When We Fall Apart

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  1. Jim says:

    When my mother passed, I was sad, but not emotional. Stoic is a better word. It wasn’t until two months after that I cried and fell apart

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