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Sarah runs
To feel the burning in her lungs
And clear her head
Do you know what Sarah meant?

When she said, you, be my guest
And keep the pace to save your face
You’ll never make the place
Why do you even run the race?

I can’t be what you need
I am stuck in a dream
I am stuck in a dream

Don’t you know
She’s been here all along?
In a dream
She belongs in a dream

Every day
I’ll make promises that plague
Sarah’s heart
So I can watch her fall apart

‘Cause I know when I break her down
We’ll spit on all the happy clowns
That live around this sunny town
She loves me like a dog
And when we mess around
I’ll let her know the truth I found
In my own hopeless hate
And every time I wake
I second guess the game I played
Did I make a mistake?

Full Lyrics

The song ‘Sarah’ by Alex G is as much a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma, as it is a poignant piece of indie folk music. Through its stirring lyrics and delicate melody, Alex G crafts a narrative teeming with emotional undertones and the weight of existential thought.

Folksy yet tinged with an experimental edge, the song pulls listeners into a world of introspective musings and heartfelt self-reflection. As we explore the layered depths of ‘Sarah,’ we edge closer to the raw nerve of humanity Alex G so deftly exposes.

The Searing Lungs of a Runner’s Escape

There’s palpable poignancy in the opening lines of ‘Sarah.’ Running serves as a metaphor for both escape and self-purification. As Sarah rushes to experience the burning pain in her lungs, it symbolizes her desperate attempt to clear the emotional smog that plagues her.

The physical act of running parallels the mental sprint from one’s problems. It’s Sarah’s way of coping, of stripping down the complexity of her emotions to the simple, burning sensation of breathing—a fundament of life.

The Unwinnable Race: A Mirror to Self-Doubt

Alex G poses a piercing question through Sarah’s existential quandary. What’s the point of competing in a race that’s destined for failure? The song suggests a futility in striving for a place that can never be attained, a nod to the human condition’s inherent struggle.

It is a raw acknowledgment of the limits we face, whether self-imposed or societally driven. ‘Sarah’ becomes a character symbolic of all who’ve felt the sting of inadequacy, questioning the value of their efforts in a world that seems indifferent to their race.

Trapped in a Dream: The Dichotomy of Desire

A cornerstone of ‘Sarah’s meaning revolves around the haunting refrain ‘I am stuck in a dream.’ Alex G plays with the duality of dreams — as an aspirational place and also a realm of entrapment.

The dream motif explores the conflict between longing for a different reality and being ensnared by one’s own aspirations. It’s a limbo full of potential, yet stifled by the inaccessibility of waking from it. This paradoxical state underscores much of the song’s emotional pull.

Unravelling the Tapestry of ‘Sarah’: The Hidden Allegory of Love and Pain

In a stroke of profound storytelling, ‘Sarah’ deftly weaves together themes of unreciprocated love and the anguish of self-awareness. The singer acknowledges causing pain to Sarah’s heart as if it were a necessary evil, watching her fall apart with an eerie detachment.

Beneath this cruelty, lies a hidden allegory—perhaps reflecting the artist’s own battles with love and connection. It hints at the idea that our closest relationships are sometimes battlegrounds for our personal demons, waging war through acts of sabotage and self-destruction.

‘She loves me like a dog’: The Memorable Line of Loyal Affection

Among the song’s haunting lyrics, ‘She loves me like a dog’ stands out as a stark, memorable moment. This line pulsates with unconditional love and unwavering devotion, often associated with the loyalty of a canine companion.

There’s a biting irony here, juxtaposed against the song’s darker themes. It’s a reminder that within the layers of hardships and emotional turmoil, lies a simple, profound and sometimes unreciprocated love. A love that remains, despite the emotional chaos that may surround it.

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