“Scarred from Love” by Quando Rondo

As the title suggests, the hook of this song is based on the emotional torment (i.e. heartbreak) Quando Rondo has to deal with due to being mistreated by his ex. And for the most part, the addressee of this song is a female. In some instances, such as during the first verse, it is this same woman who has “scarred” him. During the second verse however, it appears to maybe be just a “girl” in general.

Scarred from Love lyrics

The first verse begins by Rondo implying that his shorty has excommunicated him. Then he basically takes turns between dissing homegirl and lamenting the fact that he lost her. Ultimately he seems to conclude that she is a “hoe” who he made the mistake of falling in love with. Yet that does not negate the fact that Quando is having a difficult time getting over her.

As aforementioned the subject of women also comes up within the second verse, though not in the same negative context. Rather they just serve as a backdrop against a section dedicated to Rondo’s street life and wealth. And basically he comes off like most Southern rappers do these days, as a drug-dealing, gun-slinging, lean-drinking, well-paid homey who always keeps it real.

Facts about “Scarred from Love”

  • Quando dropped “Scarred from Love” on 15 March 2019.
  • This track is featured on Quando Rondo’s 2019 mixtape From the NH 2 the Stage.
  • This song was written exclusively by Quando Rondo.

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