“Sculptures Of Anything Goes” by Arctic Monkeys

Listeners who favor the Arctic Monkeys from a lyrical perspective must have a particular type of taste, as this definitely isn’t an outfit that goes out of its way to make their songs understandable. 

Owing to this, diving too deeply into what’s being put forth in this song titled “Sculptures of Anything Goes” is an extremely challenging task. Actually doing so might be may be akin to venturing down an analytical rabbit hole.

But one feasible theory, especially in relation to the nature of the first verse, is that the addressee is a romantic interest. And as is also our known standard of this band, this may be a love song, but it isn’t one in which the vocalist is gushing over his sweetheart. 

Instead, he seems to acknowledge that they have issues. Or all wording considered, it may even more feasible that the addressee is an ex as opposed to romantic interest per se.

But outside of that, it isn’t abundantly clear what Alex is trying to get at. But it may be, when you consider the title/chorus and second verse also, he’s arguing something like what messed this relationship up was the addressee not being as committed to it as he was, rather preferring a more freewheeling lifestyle.

"Sculptures Of Anything Goes" Lyrics

When was “Sculptures Of Anything Goes” released?

Arctic Monkeys released this on 21 October 2022. It is the third track on the track listing of an album titled “The Car”. This album, which is Arctic Monkeys’ seventh studio album, is a product of Domino Recording Company. It was heavily promoted by a number of singles, including the below:


“Sculptures Of Anything Goes” was written by the following members of Arctic Monkeys:

  • Alex Turner (band’s singer and frontman)
  • Jamie Cook (band’s guitarist)

This tune was produced by James Ford, who helmed the entirety of “The Car”.

Sculptures Of Anything Goes

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