“See Me” by Emily King

Emily King’s “See Me” is purely a protest song. Or more specifically it is one which Emily wrote in response to the Black Lives Matter movement which captivated the American social scene in 2020. 

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In it she identifies with and takes on the role of the oppressed people of America whom she feels have long been denied justice. In fact as one of such individuals, she has traditionally been cast into a state where apparently no one is really interested in her musings and prayers. 

Said words and thoughts would be along the lines of longing for equal rights and peace in the land. Or put differently, the issues which are at the forefront of Black Lives Matter are nothing new. 

So she is wondering if now, finally, the voice of her people concerning such matters be heard.

Yet as indicated by the second verse, even still “everyone thinks” that she and likeminded individuals, i.e. protesters, are “wrong”. But even if no one will hear her out, she ‘will keep singing to herself’. 

This is indicative of her never-say-die spirit as far as the upliftment of her people are concerned. Or put differently, all because she may not see any positive changes transpiring on the outside, isn’t going to affect what her heart longs for, true freedom, on the inside.

A Song that Celebrates the BLM Movement

So all lyrics considered, the wording of this track is terse and ambiguous. Some would even refer to the lyrics as poetic. But it is arguably, despite the somewhat melancholy undertone, a song of celebration. 

And what the singer is celebrating would be the Black Lives Matter movement. Or rather she is appreciative of the fact that the inner voices of her people, voices such as hers, are finally being heard and processed by the society at large.

Or it can also be put forth that she is mocking those who previously would not acknowledge her words, which were so ignored that she was compelled to keep them to herself. For now that all hell has broken loose, such individuals may come to realize that there is in fact validity to what she was saying.

Lyrics of "See Me"

Emily King

Emily King is a singer from New York City proper, i.e. the Lower East Side of Manhattan.  Both of her parents were professional musicians, a duo in fact, and she was able to graduate high school and take pursuit of her own singing career at the relatively-young age of 16.

Her first professional recording is noted as being on Nas’s “Street Disciple” (2004) album, more specifically on a track entitled “Reason”. 

And between 2007 and 2020 she has dropped four of her own studio albums, the most-successful chart-wise being the third, 2019’s “Scenery”. 

However, her very first album, “East Side Story” (2007), received a Grammy nomination in 2008 for Best Contemporary R&B Album. Emily also scored a couple of other R&B Grammy nominations in 2020 and 2021, respectively for “Look at Me Now” (2018) and this track we’re studying today, “See Me”.

And just to note, Emily King also sings the closing theme song, “Being Human”, from the Cartoon Network series “Steven Universe Future”. Additionally she employed the services of rapper Lupe Fiasco as a feature on her very first single, “Walk in My Shoes” (2007).

When did Emily King release “See Me”?

“See Me” itself was released via ATO Records on 26 August 2020. Project-wise, it was originally featured on a compilation album put together by ATO entitled “Silence Is Not an Option”.

Emily King

Did Emily write “See Me”?

“See Me” was written by Emily King, and the producer of the track is Jeremy Most, a regular collaborator of hers. 

As stated earlier, she penned this song in response to the Black Lives Matter movement and concurrently “watching the world demand justice” in general. 

And the way she explains the origin of the tune is that she “started singing the words, and they wouldn’t leave (her) head”.

Did “See Me” win a Grammy?

Concerning the 2021 Grammy it was nominated for. It was nominated in the category of Best R&B Performance. However, it lost to Beyoncé’s “Black Parade” (2019).

By the way, the following songs also contested for the prize in question:

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