Seether’s “Leech” Lyrics Meaning

The effect social media has on children and the rest of us is a debate which, in a way, predates the age of social media itself. But in the times this song (“Leech”) is coming out, more prominent parties are now starting to push the idea that social media is a major ill in and of itself. To many, it is akin to gun control, climate change, homophobia or what have. 

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In describing the meaning of behind this track, lead singer Shaun Morgan sounds a lot like someone who espouses such a stance.

But in reality, taking the entire explanation as well as the lyrics of “Leech” into consideration, this is a type of song that we have come across numerous times before. Basically, what these types of songs do is encourage listeners to, as some would poetic put it, unplug from the matrix. “Age of Machine” by Greta Van Fleet is a good example of such a song. So is “Doom Days” by Bastille.

All in all, Seether is under the impression that being too network-dependent, if you will, is less than ideal. Indeed in many ways, this song operates along what some may deem as a naturalistic fallacy. Or in the very least, the concept of constantly being plugged in is being demonized.

The reason which is metaphorically stated for this position is that in the process, our minds get cluttered with all types of external junk. And in terms of the villianization of the matrix, what is being heavily implied, is that those who run the whole scheme are more or less ‘tearing us up’ intentionally. In Seether’s eyes, they are collectively being the “leech” referenced in the title.

Lyrics for Seether's "Leech"

Seether and “Leech”

Seether is a band from Pretoria. Pretoria is one of the capital cities of South Africa. From the mid-aughts into mid-2010s, they managed to drop four consecutive studio albums which made it onto the top 10 of the Billboard 200. The band also enjoys an enduring popularity in Oceania and some parts of Europe. Currently, the band consists of the following:

  • Shaun Morgan
  • Corey Lowery
  • Dale Stewart
  • John Humphrey

Seether’s most-recent studio album to date, “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”. This album came out in 2020. Its from its Deluxe Edition that we get “Leech”.

“Leech” will be officially issued as a single on 1 July 2022. The labels behind this project are:

  • Concord Music
  • Fantasy Records

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