Senseless by Stefflon Don

“Senseless” is one of the singles from Stefflon Don released in 2018. Stephanie Victoria Allen, better known by her stage name Stefflon Don, co-wrote this song, which captures the passionate ups and downs of a romantic relationship.

The lyrics of “Senseless” delve into the intensity of love and how it can sometimes feel overwhelming, even to the point of making one feel “senseless.” Stefflon Don uses the track to express her feelings about a relationship where the chemistry is undeniable. The song paints a picture of a fiery relationship where emotions run high, and there’s a fine line between love and pain.

Fun fact: Stefflon Don has a knack for creating tracks that resonate with many listeners, and “Senseless” is no exception. With its relatable lyrics about the complexities of love, the song quickly became a favorite among her fans and showcases her ability to tap into universal themes with her music.

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