“Shake It” by Metro Station

Even though Metro Station’s “Shake It” is obviously based on a dancehall motif, it isn’t actually centered on encouraging sexy ladies to dance per se, as these types of things usually tend to go. Rather this is more along the lines of a love song, with the verses actually being dedicated to the vocalist trying to get intimately close to the addressee, the sexual apple of his eye. 

Apparently, the moral of the story centers on a notion along the lines of encouraging male listeners not to be afraid to make a definitive move on the opposite sex if the opportunity presents itself.

And whereas that particular storyline may not necessarily seem to have anything to do with the concept of ‘shaking it’, well, the fact of the matter is that in the case of this song, the chorus was seemingly written a notable time before the verse. And as far as the verses go, it’s sorta like the homeys had to be forced to write them. 

So the way they tie it all together is by characterizing the aforementioned female’s susceptibility to her ‘shaking it’. Or perhaps more simply explained, if you’re grinding hard with a lady on the dance floor, that means, if bold enough, you can likely take her home and score.

Lyrics of "Shake It" by Metro Station

Release Date of “Shake It”

“Shake It” is the third single overall in Metro Station’s discography. And it can be found on their debut album, 2007’s Metro Station, which was released by Columbia.

At the time this track came out, on 18 September 2007, Metro Station was four men deep. Two of those individuals, vocalists/instrumentalists Trace Cyrus and Mason Musso, are still down with the band as of the writing of this post, with Musso remaining committed throughout. 

Meanwhile the other two participants at that time, drummer Anthony Improgo and instrumentalist Blake Healy, both left the outfit in 2009. And since 2014, they have been replaced by drummer Spencer Steffan.


“Shake It” is the song that put Metro Station on the map. To date, this song firmly holds the distinction of being their biggest hit. The track charted in nearly 20 nations overall and achieved multi-platinum status in a few countries, including the United States.

Music Video

The music video to this track was filmed in Metro Station’s hometown, more specifically being based at the Los Angeles Theatre. The clip, which was directed by Josh Forbes, found inspiration in the classic gang film The Warriors (1979). The band also crowdsourced ideas from their fans to create the video. 

It features cameo appearance from gay icon Jeffree Star. It also stars social media personality Hannah Beth. Hannah and Trace Cyrus were dating at the time.

Trace Cyrus

To note, the aforementioned Trace Cyrus is the adopted son of Billy Ray Cyrus. He is therefore the older sibling of Miley and Noah Cyrus. In fact he hooked up with Mason Musso due to the fact that Mason’s own younger brother, Mitchel Musso, co-starred with Miley Cyrus on the late-aughts hit Disney show Hannah Montana.

Despite Noah Cyrus being a well-known musician in her own right, thus far she has never dropped a single that performed particularly well on the Billboard Hot 100. As such Trace holds the distinction of being the third member of the family, after Billy Ray and Miley, to have a song place within the top 10 of said list.

More Facts about “Shake It”

The producers of this track are S*A*M and Sluggo. The former is credited with creating the song’s instrumental, which has been noted as being the most prominent part of this piece. According to him, it came about as sort of a lucky fluke. He has revealed that he was high and experimenting with new software at the time. And verily, if you were to visit his Genius page at the moment, “Shake It” does out stand as his most popular work. 

And to note, the success of this track contributed to the pair being formally recognized by Rolling Stone in 2008.

Being that this song was in fact released in the year 2007, the dominant social media site at that time was the since-defunct MySpace. And accordingly Metro Station relied on said website to promote “Shake It.

In late 2020, a mild controversy erupted online in relation to this song. It involved Yungblud and Machine Gun Kelly being accused of stealing a portion of “Shake It” and using it on their 2020 song entitled “Acting Like That”.

Metro Station also acknowledged the similarities. However, their official response was more along of the lines of feeling “honored” that their work has “influenced so many”. And in that regard they also brought a song Taylor Swift dropped back in 2014, “Shake It Off“, into the equation.

The aforementioned quartet are the credited writers of this song. The full list of songwriters is as follows:

  • Trace Cyrus
  • Mason Musso
  • Blake Healy
  • Anthony Improgo
Shake It

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