“Sing it Back” by Moloko

The lyrics of Moloko’s “Sing it Back” rely heavily on metaphorical and symbolic language. And under such circumstances, theoretically there can be a lot more being relayed concerning the vocalist’s relationship with the addressee than what is ascertainable on the surface. For instance, the beginning of the second verse sounds extremely deep, though again is very much open to interpretation.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Moloko's Sing It Back at Lyrics.org.

But as far as the thesis sentiment of this piece goes, such is very much perceivable. And most simply put, the singer is in love with the person she’s singing to. Or if we wanted to be artistic ourselves, perhaps we would say, more specifically, that she has the hots for him. 

And that is a very appropriate metaphor given the fact, even though the lyrics may not be NSFW they would still largely be deemed, by any logical adult, as being largely sexual in nature. In other words, if a lady is letting a romantic interest know that he can have his way with her, as in this case, that would invariably imply that she is willing to live out his sexual fantasies, if you will.

But concerning what’s going on beneath the surface, again this very much reads like true love. And that is important to point out because given how forthrightly the vocalist is availing herself to the addressee, that sentiment may be lost in the mind of the listener. 

But in the third verse especially, she comes off as if her life doesn’t have meaning devoid of the apple of her eye. And there is also a more benign romantic sensibility behind the title of the song, i.e. the narrator simply longing for her sweetheart to desire her just as much as she wants him. 

So even though some lyrics may come off as being lustful, concluding that the singer’s attraction to the addressee is all about sexual gratification, on either of their parts, would be a stretch.

Moloko's "Sing It Back" Lyrics


Moloko was a pair of musicians who most notably represented the UK. The aforementioned musicians are:

  • vocalist Róisín Murphy
  • instrumentalist Mark Brydon

The pair worked under the Moloko moniker from the mid-1990s to the mid-aughts. Within that time, they came out with four studio albums. And “Sing It Back” is actually featured on two of those projects. The first one being 1998’s “I Am Not a Doctor”. The second is its successor, 2000’s “Things to Make and Do”.

Facts about “Sing It Back”

The original version of “Sing It Back” is featured on “I Am Not a Doctor”. That particular rendition had a humble showing on the UK Singles Chart. Shortly thereafter it was remixed by a German producer named Boris Dlugosch. And said remix materialized into one of the biggest hits in Moloko’s catalog. 

For instance, it peaked at number four on the aforementioned list and topped a number of charts. One such chart was the UK Dance. It also replicated the same feat on the UK Indie charts. This is in addition to being certified silver across the pond. 

Moreover it reached the summit of Billboard’s Dance Club Songs listing. This achievement marked the duo’s biggest hit stateside. 

Even though this track wasn’t a mega hit, a number of music publications have placed it on some of their ‘best songs’ lists. It has also gone on to be an iconic club favorite.

British director Dawn Shadforth handled said responsibility in terms of this track’s music video.

It has been noted that in the name of repaying Boris Dlugosch for helping “Sing it Back” blow up, Roisin Murphy also represented on his 2001 track “Never Enough”, itself being a mild international hit.

Moloko wrote and produced “Sing It Back”, being individually credited in the former regard and collectively in the latter.

Sing It Back

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