Songs about Gun Violence

The United States leads among high-class, developed countries when it comes to gun violence. Thus, compared to about 22 other high-income countries, gun violence and related homicides occur 25 times more in the US. On average, over 300 people are shot each day in the USA.

Over 1 million deaths by gunshot injuries were recorded in the USA from 1968 to 2011. The 2018 annual report, which is the most recent data available as of 2021 from the National Centre for Health Statistics (NCHS) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s (CDC’s), states that 38,390 people died by firearms, an average of about 105 people every day. Again, out of the 38,390 deaths, 24,432 were reported to be suicides.

Firearm homicide in the US is most common among African American communities and poor urban societies. Gang violence that involves young black men, often male juveniles, is the cause of increased gun violence in these areas. In 2017, out of the 14,542 people that died by gun homicides in the USA, African Americans involved were about 8,507, nearly 59% of total homicides in that year.

Again, the probability of black men and boys between the ages of 15 and 34 dying by gun violence is about ten times more than white men and boys. Another group that faces high gun violence cases are women and children enduring domestic violence — public mass shootings on average account for less than 1% of gun violence in the USA.

The laws governing gun ownership and its regulations remain one of the most highly debated topics in the country. The federal, state and local legislations have made several attempts to decrease the issue of gun violence.

Gun Ownership

However, according to some human rights organizations, like Amnesty International, they believe that the United States has prioritized gun ownership and underrated the basic human rights of its citizens. They claim that despite the overwhelming number of firearm circulation and the huge number of deaths in the country through gunshots, there is no unified nationwide law that governs the carrying of guns in public, and even in several cities, there is no law to regulate carrying guns in public.

Thus, in the USA, 12 states permit that individuals can carry a concealed weapon in any public place without a license, and 30 states permit that a person can openly carry a handgun in public without a license. Further, all the 50 states in the USA allow citizens to carry concealed firearms in public, to some degree.  

These human rights organizations believe that for the USA to decrease gun violence substantially, they should first recognize that firearms are a threat to the human rights of their citizens. Thus, firearms threaten the rights to the life of individuals, as well as the rights to security, health, and physical integrity. Further, the US should adopt the UN’s international guidelines for firearms and ammunition. These guidelines prohibit the possession of firearms by unlicensed citizens and require that all firearms be registered by the country. In addition, it is also emphatically stated that unlicensed possession of firearms is a criminal offense and should be treated as such.

Famous Songs inspired by Gun Violence

Owing to the above, over the years, a number of popular songs have been released about the canker of gun violence (especially in the United States). Below are just a handful of some of these gun violence inspired/themed songs.

That said, it should be noted that not all of the songs below are entirely themed on the issue of gun violence.

50 Cent’s “9 Shots”

Primary Artist(s): 50 Cent
Released: August 14 of 2015
Writer(s): 50 Cent and Frank Dukes.
Producer(s): Frank Dukes
Genre(s): Hip hop

Aerosmith’s “Janie’s Got A Gun”

Primary Artist(s): Aerosmith
Released: August 11 of 1989
Album/EP: “Pump”
Writer(s): Steven Tyler and Tom Hamilton.
Producer(s): Bruce Fairbairn
Grammy: “Best Rock Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal” at the Grammy Awards (1991).
Genre(s): Glam metal, hard rock, psychedelic pop and psychedelic rock.

Alabama 3’s “Woke Up This Morning” 

Primary Artist(s): Alabama 3
Released: June of 1997
Album/EP: “Exile on Coldharbour Lane”
Writer(s): Jake Black and Rob Spragg.
Producer(s): Alabama 3
Genre(s): Electronica, trip hop and acid jazz.

Blink-182’s “Heaven”

Primary Artist(s): Blink-182
Released: September 20 of 2019
Album/EP: “NINE”
Writer(s): Chris Greatti, Hoppus, Barker, Feldmann and Skiba.
Producer(s): Feldmann

Bob Dylan’s “Hurricane”

Primary Artist(s): Bob Dylan
Released: November of 1975
Album/EP: “Desire”
Writer(s): Bob Dylan and Jacques Levy.
Producer(s): Don DeVito
Genre(s): Folk rock and protest song.

Bruce Springsteen’s “American Skin (41 Shots)”

Primary Artist(s): Bruce Springsteen
Released: April 24 of 2001
Album/EP: “Live in New York City”
Writer(s): Bruce Springsteen
Producer(s): Ron Aniello, Bruce Springsteen and Brendan O’Brien.
Genre(s): Rock

Candlebox’s “I’ve Got A Gun”

Primary Artist(s): Candlebox
Released: April 22 of 2016
Album/EP: “Disappearing in Airports”
Writer(s): Brian Quinn, Adam Kury, Mike Leslie, Dave Krusen and Kevin Colin Martin.
Genre(s): Rock

Carrie Underwood’s “The Bullet”

Primary Artist(s): Carrie Underwood
Released: September 14 of 2018
Album/EP: “Cry Pretty”
Writer(s): Allen Shamblin, Marc Beeson and Andy Albert.
Producer(s): Carrie Underwood and David Garcia.
Genre(s): Country music

Cat Stevens’ “I’m Gonna Get Me A Gun”

Primary Artist(s): Cat Stevens
Released: March 24 of 1967
Album/EP: “Cat Stevens”
Writer(s): Cat Stevens
Producer(s): Mike Hurst
Genre(s): Baroque pop and folk pop.

Chevelle’s “Take Out The Gunman”

Primary Artist(s): Chevelle
Released: February 4 of 2014
Album/EP: “La Gárgola”
Writer(s): Pete Loeffler and Sam Loeffler.
Grammy: Joe Barresi
Genre(s): Alternative metal and hard rock.

Chris Stapleton’s “Watch You Burn”

Primary Artist(s): Chris Stapleton
Released: November 13 of 2020
Album/EP: “Starting Over”
Writer(s): Chris Stapleton and Mike Campbell (Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers).
Producer(s): Chris Stapleton and Dave Cobb.
Genre(s): Country

Concrete Blonde’s “God Is a Bullet”

Primary Artist(s): Concrete Blonde
Released: 1989
Album/EP: “Still In Hollywood”
Writer(s): Concrete Blonde
Producer(s): Concrete Blonde
Genre(s): Rock

Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young’s “Ohio”

Primary Artist(s): Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
Released: June of 1970
Album/EP: “So Far”
Writer(s): Neil Young
Producer(s): Crosby, Nash, Stills and Young.
Genre(s): Hard rock, folk rock and psychedelic rock.

DaBaby ft. Roddy Ricch’s “Rockstar”

Primary Artist(s): DaBaby
Released: April 17 of 2020
Featured Artist(s): Roddy Ricch
Album/EP: “Blame It on Baby”
Writer(s): DaBaby, SethInTheKitchen and Roddy Ricch.
Producer(s): SethInTheKitchen
Genre(s): Hip hop

Danny Brown’s “When It Rain”

Primary Artist(s): Danny Brown
Released: June 14 of 2016
Album/EP: “Atrocity Exhibition”
Writer(s): Daniel Sewell and Paul White.
Producer(s): Paul White
Genre(s): Alternative hip hop

David Bowie’s “Valentine’s Day”

Primary Artist(s): David Bowie
Released: August 19 of 2013
Album/EP: “The Next Day”
Writer(s): David Bowie
Producer(s): David Bowie and Tony Visconti.
Genre(s): Glam rock and folk rock.

David Nail’s “The Gun”            

Primary Artist(s): David Nail
Released: September 14 of 2018
Album/EP: “Only This And Nothing More”
Genre(s): Country

Drive-By Truckers’ “Guns of Umpqua”          

Primary Artist(s): Drive-By Truckers
Released: September 30 of 2016
Album/EP: “American Band”
Writer(s): Patterson Hood
Producer(s): David Barbe
Genre(s): Rock

Eminem’s “Darkness”                     

Primary Artist(s): Eminem
Released: January 17 of 2020
Album/EP: “Music to Be Murdered By”
Writer(s): Eminem, Luis Resto, Ryan Montgomery and Paul Simon.
Producer(s): Eminem, Luis Resto, da 5’9″ and Royce.
Genre(s): Hip hop, horrorcore and political hip hop.

Everlast’s “So Long”                       

Primary Artist(s): Everlast
Released: November 2 of 1999
Album/EP: “Music From and Inspired By the Motion Picture End of Days”
Writer(s): Everlast
Producer(s): Everlast and Danny Lohner.

Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot”                       

Primary Artist(s): Filter
Released: July 18 of 1995
Album/EP: “Short Bus”
Writer(s): Richard Patrick
Producer(s): Richard Patrick and Brian Liesegang.
Genre(s): Industrial rock, post-grunge and electronic rock.

George Strait’s “I Believe”                      

Primary Artist(s): George Strait
Released: July 15 of 2013
Album/EP: “Love Is Everything”
Writer(s): George Strait, Dean Dillon and Bubba Strait.
Producer(s): George Strait and Tony Brown.
Genre(s): Country

Green Day’s “Bang Bang”                       

Primary Artist(s): Green Day
Released: August 11 of 2016
Album/EP: “Revolution Radio”
Writer(s): Billie Joe Armstrong, Tré Cool and Mike Dirnt.
Producer(s): Green Day
Genre(s): Punk rock, hardcore punk, pop punk and melodic hardcore.

Green Day’s “Oh Yeah!”                      

Primary Artist(s): Green Day
Released: January 16 of 2020
Album/EP: “Father of All Motherfuckers”
Writer(s): Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Leander, Tré Cool, Gary Glitter and Mike Dirnt.
Producer(s): Green Day, Butch Walker and Chris Dugan.
Genre(s): Pop rock, glam rock, power pop and synth-pop.

Ian Hunter’s “Gun Control”                      

Primary Artist(s): Ian Hunter
Released: 1981
Album/EP: “Short Back n’ Sides”
Writer(s): Ian Hunter
Genre(s): Rock

J. Cole’s “Change”                     

Primary Artist(s): J. Cole
Released: December 9 of 2016
Album/EP: “4 Your Eyez Only”
Writer(s): J. Cole
Producer(s): J. Cole and Ron Gilmore.
Genre(s): Conscious, jazz rap and hip hop.

Jack White’s “What’s Done Is Done”                      

Primary Artist(s): Jack White
Released: March 23 of 2018
Album/EP: “Boarding House Reach”
Writer(s): Jack White
Producer(s): Jack White
Genre(s): Alternative/indie

Jackson Browne’s “The Long Way Around”                   

Primary Artist(s): Jackson Browne
Released: October 7 of 2014
Album/EP: “Standing in the Breach”
Writer(s): Paul Dieter & Jackson Browne
Producer(s): Jackson Browne and Paul Dieter.
Genre(s): Rock

Kane Brown’s “American Bad Dream”                    

Primary Artist(s): Kane Brown
Released: November 9 of 2018
Album/EP: “Experiment”
Writer(s): Kane Brown, Sam Ellis, Chase McGill and Josh Hoge.
Producer(s): Dann Huff
Genre(s): Country

Kanye West ft. Lil Durk and Vory’s “Jonah”                       

Primary Artist(s): Kanye West
Released: August 29 of 2021
Featured Artist(s): Lil Durk and Vory.
Album/EP: “Donda”
Writer(s): Kanye West, MIKE DEAN, DRTWRK, TT Audi, Vory and Lil Durk.
Producer(s): Kanye West, Wheezy, DRTWRK, MIKE DEAN and TT Audi.

Kendrick Lamar’s “BLOOD”              

Primary Artist(s): Kendrick Lamar
Released: April 14 of 2017
Album/EP: “DAMN”
Writer(s): Kendrick Lamar, Top Dawg and Bēkon.
Producer(s): Bēkon and Top Dawg.
Genre(s): Spoken word

Krept and Konan’s “My Story”                     

Primary Artist(s): Krept and Konan
Released: September 2 of 2013
Album/EP: “Young Kingz”
Writer(s): Konan
Producer(s): AdotSkitz
Genre(s): Hip hop and rap.

Kris Allen’s “If We Keep Doing Nothing”                     

Primary Artist(s): Kris Allen
Released: March 4 of 2016
Album/EP: “Letting You In”
Writer(s): K.S. Rhoads and Kris Allen.
Producer(s): Brown Bannister and Ian Fitchuk.
Genre(s): Folk

Lecrae’s “My Whole Life Changed”                       

Primary Artist(s): Lecrae
Released: November 7 of 2013
Album/EP: “Church Clothes 2”
Writer(s): EVRYWHR, Perfekt, DO Speaks, Lecrae  and Street Symphony.
Producer(s): Street Symphony and ThaInnaCircle.
Genre(s): Hip hop and rap.

Lil Wayne, Juicy J and Gudda Gudda’s “Gunwalk”                  

Primary Artist(s): Lil Wayne, Juicy J and Gudda Gudda
Released: March 22 of 2013
Album/EP: “I Am Not a Human Being II”
Writer(s): Lil Wayne, Birdman, Crazy Mike, Mack Maine, Gudda Gudda and Juicy J.
Producer(s): Juicy J and Crazy Mike.
Genre(s): Hip hop and rap.

Lupe Fiasco, Buk, Fam-Lay, Billy Blue, Glasses Malone, Trae tha Truth and Trouble’s “Chopper”                      

Primary Artist(s): Lupe Fiasco
Released: January 20 of 2015
Featured Artist(s): Buk, Fam-Lay, Billy Blue, Glasses Malone, Trae tha Truth and Trouble.
Album/EP: “Tetsuo and Youth”
Writer(s): Lupe Fiasco, Buk, Frank Dukes, Trae tha Truth, Fam-Lay and DJ Dahi.
Producer(s): DJ Dahi
Genre(s): Hip hop and rap.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special”                       

Primary Artist(s): Lynyrd Skynyrd
Released: May 19 of 1975
Album/EP: “Nuthin’ Fancy”
Writer(s): Ed King and Ronnie Van Zant.
Producer(s): Al Kooper
Genre(s): Rock

Madonna’s “God Control”                       

Primary Artist(s): Madonna
Released: June 14 of 2019
Album/EP: “Madame X”
Writer(s): Madonna, Casey Spooner and Mirwais Ahmadzaï.
Producer(s): Madonna, Mike Dean and Mirwais.
Genre(s): Experimental pop, electropop, disco and hi-NRG.

Megadeth’s “99 Ways To Die”                       

Primary Artist(s): Megadeth
Released: January 1 of 1993
Album/EP: “Hidden Treasures”
Writer(s): Dave Mustaine
Producer(s): Max Norman and Dave Mustaine.
Genre(s): Metal

Megan Thee Stallion’s “Shots Fired”                       

Primary Artist(s): Megan Thee Stallion
Released: November 20 of 2020
Album/EP: “Good News”
Writer(s): Megan Pete, Allie Wrubel, Tyron Douglas and Herb Magidson.
Producer(s): Buddah Bless
Genre(s): Hip hop

Mudhoney’s “Please Mr Gunman”                       

Primary Artist(s): Mudhoney
Released: September 28 of 2019
Album/EP: “Digital Garbage”
Writer(s): Mudhoney
Producer(s): Johnny Sangster
Genre(s): Rock and alternative/indie.

NLE Choppa ft. Roddy Ricch’s “Walk Em Down”                       

Primary Artist(s): NLE Choppa
Released: March 19 of 2020
Featured Artist(s): Roddy Ricch
Album/EP: “Top Shotta”
Writer(s): NLE Choppa, Roddy Ricch, Los Hendrix and CashMoneyAP.
Producer(s): Los Hendrix and CashMoneyAP.
Genre(s): Hip hop and rap.

Norah Jones’ “Flipside”                       

Primary Artist(s): Norah Jones
Released: September 9 of 2016
Album/EP: “Day Breaks”
Writer(s): Pete Remm and Norah Jones.
Producer(s): Norah Jones, Eli Wolf and Sarah Oda.

Of Mice & Men’s “Game of War”                      

Primary Artist(s): Of Mice & Men
Released: September 9 of 2016
Album/EP: “Cold World”
Writer(s): Of Mice & Men, Phil Manansala, Austin Carlile, Valentino Arteaga, Alan Ashby and Aaron Pauley.
Producer(s): David Bendeth
Genre(s): Rock

P.O.D.’s “Youth Of The Nation”                       

Primary Artist(s): P.O.D.
Released: December 25 of 2001
Album/EP: “Satellite”
Writer(s): Traa Daniels, Sonny Sandoval, Marcos Curiel and Noah Bernardo.
Producer(s): P.O.D. and Howard Benson.
Genre(s): Reggae and rock.

Pearl Jam’s “Jeremy”               

Primary Artist(s): Pearl Jam
Released: September 27 of 1992
Album/EP: “Ten”
Writer(s): Jeff Ament & Eddie Vedder
Producer(s): Rick Parashar and Pearl Jam.
Genre(s): Rock

Pop Smoke’s “Got It On Me”                       

Primary Artist(s): Pop Smoke
Released: July 3 of 2020
Album/EP: “Shoot for the Stars Aim for the Moon”
Writer(s): Darrell Branch, Bashar Jackson, Keni St. Lewis, Curtis Jackson, Dmytro Luchko, Frederick Perren and Luis Resto.
Producer(s): Young Devante
Genre(s): Hip hop

Ray BLK’s “Run Run”                      

Primary Artist(s): Ray BLK
Released: August 8 of 2018
Album/EP: “Empress”
Writer(s): Fred again.., Chris Soper, RAY BLK and Jesse Singer
Producer(s): Fred again.. and Like Minds.
Genre(s): R&B and soul.

Rick Ross’ “Nobody”         

Primary Artist(s): Rick Ross
Released: March 3 of 2014
Featured Artist(s): Diddy and French Montana
Album/EP: “Mastermind”
Writer(s): Sean Combs, William Roberts, Karim Kharbouch, Stevie Jordan, Christopher Wallace, Ephrem Lopez and Jiv Poss.
Producer(s): Sean Combs
Genre(s): Hip hop

Rosanne Cash, Kris Kristofferson and Elvis Costello’s “8 Gods of Harlem”                      

Primary Artist(s): Rosanne Cash
Released: November 2 of 2018
Featured Artist(s): Kris Kristofferson and Elvis Costello.
Album/EP: “She Remembers Everything”
Writer(s): Elvis Costello and Rosanne Cash.
Producer(s): John Leventhal

Ryan Bingham’s “Gun Fightin Man”                       

Primary Artist(s): Ryan Bingham
Released: January 20 of 2015
Album/EP: “Fear and Saturday Night”
Writer(s): Ryan Bingham
Producer(s): Jim Scott
Genre(s): Folk and country.

Sheryl Crow’s “Love Is A Good Thing”                       

Primary Artist(s): Sheryl Crow
Released: September 24 of 1996
Album/EP: “Sheryl Crow”
Writer(s): Sheryl Crow and Tad Wadhams.
Producer(s): Sheryl Crow
Genre(s): Rock

Snoop Lion, Drake & Cori B’s “No Guns Allowed”                     

Primary Artist(s): Snoop Lion
Released: April 2 of 2013
Featured Artist(s): Drake and Cori B.
Album/EP: “Reincarnated”
Writer(s): Snoop Lion, BainZach Condon, Henry, Hershey, Aubrey Graham, Hunte, Thomas Wesley Pentz and Rechtshaid.
Producer(s): Major Lazer, Zach Condon, Ariel Rechtshaid and Dre Skull.
Genre(s): Reggae fusion and R&B.

The 1975’s “I Like America & America Likes Me”                       

Primary Artist(s): The 1975
Released: November 30 of 2018
Album/EP: “A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships”
Writer(s): Ross MacDonald, George Daniel, Adam Hann and Matthew Healy.
Producer(s): George Daniel and Matthew Healy.
Genre(s): Electronic and alternative R&B.

The Avett Brothers’ “Bang Bang”                      

Primary Artist(s): The Avett Brothers
Released: September 6 of 2019
Album/EP: “Closer Than Together”
Writer(s): Seth Avett and Scott Avett.
Producer(s): Rick Rubin, Scott Avett and Seth Avett.
Genre(s): Rock

The Beatles’ “Happiness Is A Warm Gun”                       

Primary Artist(s): The Beatles
Released: November 22 of 1968
Album/EP: “The Beatles”
Writer(s): Lennon-McCartney and John Lennon.
Producer(s): George Martin
Genre(s): Rock

The Boomtown Rats’ “I Don’t Like Mondays”                       

Primary Artist(s): The Boomtown Rats
Released: July 13 of 1979
Album/EP: “The Fine Art of Surfacing”
Writer(s): Bob Geldof and Johnnie Fingers.
Producer(s): Phil Wainman

The Cranberries’ “I Just Shot John Lennon”                      

Primary Artist(s): The Cranberries
Released: April 30 of 1996
Album/EP: “To the Faithful Departed”
Writer(s): Dolores O’Riordan
Producer(s): The Cranberries and Bruce Fairbairn.
Genre(s): Alternative rock and post-punk.

The Devil Wears Prada’s “Lock & Load”                       

Primary Artist(s): The Devil Wears Prada
Released: October 7 of 2016
Album/EP: “Transit Blues”
Writer(s): Jonathan Gering
Producer(s): Dan Korneff
Grammy: Rock

The Outlaws’ “Gunsmoke”                       

Primary Artist(s): The Outlaws
Released: 1977
Album/EP: “Hurry Sundown”
Writer(s): Henry Paul and Monte Yoho.
Genre(s): Rock

The Strokes’ “NYC Cops”                      

Primary Artist(s): The Strokes
Released: June 25 of 2001
Album/EP: “The Strokes”
Writer(s): Julian Casablancas
Producer(s): Gordon Raphael
Genre(s): Indie rock and garage rock revival.

The Used’s “Blow Me”                      

Primary Artist(s): The Used
Released: December 6 of 2019
Album/EP: “Heartwork”
Writer(s): John Feldmann, Bert McCracken, Joey Bradford, Jason Aalon Butler, Jeph Howard and Dan Whitesides E. Kidd Bogart.
Producer(s): John Feldmann
Genre(s): Alternative/Indie

Tweedy’s “Nobody Dies Anymore”                       

Primary Artist(s): Tweedy
Released: September 23 of 2014
Album/EP: “Sukierae”
Writer(s): Jeff Tweedy
Producer(s): Jeff Tweedy
Genre(s): Rock

Tyler, the Creator’s “Pigs”                      

Primary Artist(s): Tyler, the Creator
Released: April 1 of 2013
Album/EP: “Wolf”
Writer(s): Tyler, The Creator
Producer(s): Tyler, The Creator
Genre(s): Hip hop/rap.

YG’s “Still Brazy”                       

Primary Artist(s): YG
Released: June 14, 2016
Album/EP: “Still Brazy”
Writer(s): K. Jackson, John Flippin, Tyrone Griffin Jr., Ahana and William Curtis.
Producer(s): Ty Dolla Sign and Swish.
Genre(s): Hip hop/rap

YG’s “Who Shot Me?”                      

Primary Artist(s): YG
Released: June 14 of 2016
Album/EP: “Still Brazy”
Writer(s): K. Jackson, Paloma Ford, Ahana and Samuel “Sam Hook” Jean.
Producer(s): Swish
Genre(s): Hip hop/rap

YNW Melly and 9lokkNine’s “223’s”                       

Primary Artist(s): YNW Melly
Released: November of 2019
Featured Artist(s): 9lokkNine
Album/EP: “Melly vs. Melvin”
Writer(s): Demons, Jacquavius Smith and Rocco Valdes.
Producer(s): Rocco Did It Again! and 9lokkNine.
Genre(s): Gangsta rap

YNW Melly’s “Murder on my Mind”                       

Primary Artist(s): YNW Melly
Released: March 4 of 2017
Album/EP: “I Am You”
Writer(s): Jamell Demons and Eduardo Hernandez.
Producer(s): SMKEXCLSV
Genre(s): Hip hop/rap

Yungblud’s “Machine Gun (F–k The NRA)”                     

Primary Artist(s): Yungblud
Released: July 6 of 2018
Album/EP: “21st Century Liability”
Writer(s): Matt Schwartz and YUNGBLUD.
Producer(s): Matt Schwartz
Genre(s): Alternative/indie 

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