It would seem that WhoKilledXIX, taking into consideration the associated video and all, weren’t particularly interested in dropping a song that made comprehensive sense. This is somewhat of a comedic rap which ultimately points back to the concept of the pair not playing with a full deck, if you will. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for WHOKILLEDXIX's Spy? at Lyrics.org.

And relatedly, concerning the chorus/title we would postulate that the “spy” the vocalist(s) is referring to may well be himself. This piece, at least to some extent, is themed on inner conflict. And said friction, if left unchecked, could result in the vocalist ‘self-destructing’. So that may be why there’s a question mark in the title, alluding to the notion of the vocalist(s) questioning his own sanity, in a manner of speaking.

And as far as the individual verses go, Karm comes off as the humble type before concluding that he’s a mass murderer. And Skayda seems more concerned with the romantic side of things, spending about a third of his individual passage dealing with interactions between him and a particular lady. 

Hopefully the two of them will be able to finally subdue this persistent “spy”. For if not, by their own admittance, they may do something self-destructive. And the logical implication would be that the vocalists aren’t suicidal or aspiring mass killers as put forth in the lyrics. But rather, they are taking on such characters as voices of their generation.

Lyrics for "Spy?"


WhoKilledXIX is a pair of vocalists whom Genius describes as “an experimental rap duo”. The crew consists of a couple of besties named Yung Skayda and Karm the Tool. Both Yung and Karm apparently come from Connecticut.

There doesn’t appear to be much info about them on the internet at the moment, outside of the pair being signed to an entity called Masked Records and having one other notable song in their discography, that being 2020’s Kismet

WhoKilledXIX does have its own website as well as a number of social-media accounts. The group possesses nearly 20,000 followers on Instagram as of the writing of this post.


Facts about “Spy”

Spy was released by the aforementioned Masked Records alongside Warner Records. Its issuance date was on 11 December 2020, being part of a WhoKilledXIX EP entitled 19.

Yung alongside Karm are the authors of “Spy”. And they collectively produced it under the WhoKilledXIX moniker.

This song made it onto the top 10 of a chart called the Viral 50 USA, compiled by Spotify. The said chart is designed to “measure the success of music in terms of streaming and user sharing”. And more specifically in the case of Spy, the song blew up on TikTok.

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