“Still Softish” by Josh Richards (ft. Bryce Hall)

“Still Softish” is actually a track which is centered on beef between social media stars. Josh Richards and his homey Bryce Hall are bringing it to another personality by the name of Lilhuddy. And the history behind the conflict is that Lilhuddy, who is recognized as sort of a playa, tried to kick it to Richard’s girlfriend, who is yet another social-media star by the name of Nessa Barrett. In fact Josh brings this issue up from the onset of the song. 

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So basically how he and Bryce go about dealing with the situation is via levying a number of scathing disses against Lilhuddy, who by the way is never actually referred to by name. And amongst these insults are criticizing his cashflow, the size of his private part and overall shape of his body.  Moreover they bring up the fact that he was once documented as using the N-word. 

Additionally they put him on blast for trying to pick up other women while concurrently dating Charli D’Amelio, who as you probably already know or guessed is yet another prominent internet personality. 

So conclusively, this is a track centered on lyrically chastising a certain individual. And the title of the song is actually another reference to his private organ.

Facts about “Still Softish”

“Still Softish” was written by Richards and Hall. And the track was produced by Ariel Porta.

This song was released on 20 March 2020.

And for the record, shortly after “Still Softish” came out Richards and Chase Hudson (aka Lilhuddy) did in fact squash their beef.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    I think lil huddy(chase)deserved the song because you should never do that to a girl….

  2. Boston says:

    What does the title mean

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