“Stutter” by Joe (ft. Mystikal)

You know how sometimes when a person is lying, they’ll get nervous and start stuttering? That is the anatomical quirk, if you will, that the title is meant to point us to. And the person who is committing this crime of morality, in the eyes of the vocalist, would be the addressee, his significant other. 

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Or as relayed, due to various clues he has come across, Joe suspects her of cheating. And upon confronting her, the addressee stuttering in response to rebutting these accusations is further proof that yes, she is in fact being unfaithful. And understandably, being under the impression that he’s being lied ‘to his face’ concerning such an already-upsetting matter as his girl bonking by another man, is making the vocalist even more angry.

Lyrics to Joe's “Stutter”

Facts about “Stutter”

On the 12th of December 2000, “Stutter” was officially launched as single number 3 from the album “My Name Is Joe”. This album, which is actually Joe’s third studio project, is a product of Jive Records. It produced two other singles, namely:

  • “I Wanna Know”
  • “Treat Her Like A Lady”

Joe didn’t participate in the writing of “Stutter”. The song was actually composed by one Ernest E. Dixon in association with Roy “Royalty” Hamilton.

“Stutter” gave both Joe and his collaborator (Mystikal) a number 1 hit song in their home country (US). In the United Kingdom, the song peaked at number 5.

In February of 2001, the RIAA certified “Stutter” a solid gold in America. The song has currently sold over half a million unites in Joe’s home country (America).

The 2001 American action-comedy movie Double Take featured the remixed version of the song. It was named as “The Double Take Remix”. 


“My Name is Joe”

“My Name Is Joe” was released on the 18th of April, 2000 as the American R&B star’s third album of his music journey. The album got into the public domain through Jive Records.

This album peaked at No.2 on the Billboard 200, becoming the singer’s first top ten in that country. It made it to No.46 in the UK, and No.6 in Canada.

The RIAA of the US, certified the album 3x Platinum, whilst Canada’s Music Canada certified it Platinum. It received Silver and gold certifications from the UK’s BPI and SNEP of France respectively. 

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