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“On a Plain” by Nirvana

As the story goes, “On a Plain” is a song that Kurt Cobain was forced to write on-the-fly. So basically, according to his own explanation, what he did was combine different “pieces of poetry”, which presumably...

These Days

“These Days” by Foo Fighters 

Some analysts have supported the theory that the Foo Fighters’ “These Days” is a criticism of blind optimism, the type of don’t-worry-be-happy philosophies we all have thrown in our faces from time to time. That conclusion...

Polly by Nirvana

Nirvana’s “Polly” Lyrics Meaning

In “Polly”, Kurt Cobain sings from a first-person perspective and takes on the role of a convicted rapist named Gerald Friend. The narrative featured in the track is actually based on a real-life incident in which...