“These Days” by Foo Fighters 

Some analysts have supported the theory that the Foo Fighters’ “These Days” is a criticism of blind optimism, the type of don’t-worry-be-happy philosophies we all have thrown in our faces from time to time. That conclusion seems more or less spot on, as there are two ideas that definitely come across via the lyrics.

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First and foremost would be the vocalist being under the impression that the end of the world, if you will, is imminent. Or at least some people will one day, unexpectedly, experience ‘the ground drop out from beneath their feet’, which is a poetic way of saying that some type of major catastrophe will occur. This notion is further buttressed by mentions of ‘bombs dropping’ and what have you. 

But even World War III, so to speak, does not occur, still he is putting forth that on a personal level, one day “your heart will stop and play its final beat”.

But then as far as the pre-chorus goes, Dave seems to be indirectly mocking the kind of people who still assert that everything is “alright”. Under his estimation, the reason they are able to adopt such a mentality is because they have yet to experience any type of significant heartbreak or disappointment. But going back to the actual verses, again he has deemed that “one of these days” their time will come. And when that transpires, they too will join the ranks of the despondent, if you will.


So even though this piece is simple enough to understand, it is still open to interpretation as far who the addressee actually may be. On one hand, the lyrics read as if the vocalist is speaking to the masses. But on the other, Grohl comes off as if his words are directly aimed at those who, due to privilege or whatever, believe that no misfortune could ever befall them.

Lyrics of Foo Fighters' "These Days"

Facts about “These Days”

The following members of Foo Fighters wrote this song:

  • Dave Grohl
  • Nate Mendel
  • Pat Smear
  • Chris Shiflett
  • Taylor Hawkins (1972-2022)

Its producer is Butch Vig, who by the looks of things worked on the entirety of “Wasting Light”, the highly-successful album this track is derived from.

Dave Grohl has noted that this is one of his personal favorites amongst the songs he’s written.

RCA Records put “These Days” out as the fourth single from “Wasting Light” on 1 November 2011. 

The song topped Billboard’s Canada Rock Chart and reached fourth place on the UK Rock & Metal Chart. Furthermore, it also peaked at number two on Billboard’s Hot Rock & Alternative Songs listing stateside, where it also held down that position on its year-end ranking for 2012. 

Additionally, this track has been certified gold in Australia. To note, Rolling Stone also ranked it at number four on their list of the “50 Best Singles of 2011”.

Industry vet Wayne Isham directed the music video to this track, which was filmed while the Foo Fighters were on tour in Oceania.

These Days

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