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New Kid in Town

“New Kid in Town” by Eagles

Even without resorting to the Eagles’ explanation of “New Kid in Town”, it becomes pretty obvious what they’re speaking to. And that would be how baseless, if you will, infatuation actually is. To illustrate this point, in...

Workin' It

Don Henley’s “Workin’ It” Lyrics Meaning

In more recent times, Don Henley looks like your standard matured musician. In other words, looking at him now and especially back when “Workin’ It” was dropped, you’d never know that he was once part...

Seven Bridges Road

“Seven Bridges Road” by Eagles

The Eagles are a band whose most-successful single is 1977’s “Hotel California“, and relatedly they are in fact from Los Angeles. So it may seem kinda weird that they dropped a song like “Seven Bridges Road” based on...