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Figurative language

Figurative Language in Popular Songs

Figurative language – i.e. the usage of similes, metaphors, allusions, personifications and hyperboles – is arguably the greatest tool at a songwriter’s disposal outside of words themselves. That’s because practically every song you hear, no...

Lisa Marie Presley's "Lights Out"

“Lights Out” by Lisa Marie Presley

It has been confirmed that “Lights Out” is in fact about Lisa Marie Presley’s famous family. She was born in Memphis, the city which was/is the well-known base of Elvis Presley. That would in large part explain why...


“Vegas” by Doja Cat

“Vegas” was written specifically for a project dedicated to the life and times of Elvis Presley, one of the most famous and influential musicians in industry history. One of Presley’s signature tunes is a (cover...