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No New Friends

Meaning of “No New Friends” by LSD

LSD is the triumvirate of multifaceted musician Labrinth, singer Sia and DJ/producer Diplo. And as the title implies, the purpose of the track is to express their lack of desire for new companions. However, this is...


“Mountains” by LSD

“Mountains” is the title of a 2018 single by the supergroup LSD. Throughout the song, the narrators (Labrinth and Sia) express their deep love for each other. The pair is so head over heels...

Thunderclouds by LSD

Meaning of “Thunderclouds” by LSD

“Thunderclouds” is a song by LSD. Lyrically, this track deals mainly with the important issues of fear, distrust and anxiety that characterize many a romantic relationship. There are two narrators/singers in the song: Sia...