Meaning of “No New Friends” by LSD

LSD is the triumvirate of multifaceted musician Labrinth, singer Sia and DJ/producer Diplo. And as the title implies, the purpose of the track is to express their lack of desire for new companions. However, this is not meant to be an attack against anyone’s unsavory personality. Rather it is an expression of their contentment with the friends that they already possess.

The primary foundation of this happiness appears to be that the singers and their companions are well-off materially in an environment where such is not a common occurrence. Or as LSD themselves put it, they enjoy “champagne dreams in an endless drought”. Moreover throughout the song, they let listeners know that they and their companions have their “aces out”, sun up and sun down, with this expression being a reference to their good fortune. In other words, the artists are living it up with their homeys.

Moreover via their companionships they also experience a sense of security “in a world of doubt”. Also present is a strong, mutual admiration, respect and codependency between them and their friends.

Ultimately, despite its potentially off-putting title, “No New Friends” is not about intentionally avoiding the opportunity to make new buddies. Rather it is an expression of the joy the artists feel in their current close relationships.  

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