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Bloody Mary

Lady Gaga’s “Bloody Mary” Lyrics Meaning

Lady Gaga has described “Bloody Mary” as being “inspired by (her) car and Mary Magdalene”. Lyrically, the latter’s influence is highly detectable, since the vocalist basically proceeds to take on the role of Mary in this song. But...

Virgin Mary

“Mary, Did You Know”

It’s easy to deduce the gist of “Mary, Did You Know” simply from its title, if you’re equipped with the foreknowledge that the Mary being referred to Jesus’s mother of New Testament fame.  Actually...

Mary on a Cross

Ghost’s “Mary on a Cross” Lyrics Meaning

It seems kinda odd that some major music publications went out as far as to actually single out “Mary on a Cross” as being blasphemous, as liberal, secularized use of religious terminology and, to a lesser...