Category: Christmas Songs

Virgin Mary

“Mary, Did You Know”

It’s easy to deduce the gist of “Mary, Did You Know” simply from its title, if you’re equipped with the foreknowledge that the Mary being referred to Jesus’s mother of New Testament fame.  Actually...

Funky Glitter Christmas

“Funky Glitter Christmas” by NMIXX

“Funky Glitter Christmas” is a bilingual Christmas song which, self-admittedly, is a “funky” one. That’s not to say that its sound is reminiscent of what Americans would traditionally define as funk music. But more generally, such...

Silent Night

“Silent Night” (Christmas Song)

“Silent Night” is, shall we say an enriched account of the birth of Jesus, i.e. the primary event upon which the Christmas holiday is based. Or more specifically, it is presented as if the vocalist...