“The B***h is Back” by Elton John

On this track, Elton John refers to himself as “The B***h” to depict how eminent he sees himself. He mainly talks about his talents and brags about how better and famous he is.

Elton begins by first mocking the current society where poor people get fatter than rich people. He then iterates that he is living life on the high because he can afford to eat meat which is quite expensive whenever he feels like it.

He uses bitch continuously to denote his ability to perform or live the best life. He suggests that he is better than others because of the things he does and how good he is at them.

The singer throughout the song mainly refers to his music career and how he can light up the place when he is back in his game. The song also highlights John’s perspective of stardom and his idea of doing anything he desires because of his wealth and fame.

Lyrics of "The Bitch is Back"

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