“The Pink Phantom” by Gorillaz (ft. Elton John and 6LACK)

This collaborative tune involving Gorillaz, Elton John and 6LACK is based on lost love.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Gorillaz's The Pink Phantom at Lyrics.org.

The theme can easily be recognized in the first verse where the singer addresses his partner about her neglecting him. You can also tell in the latter part of the verse that he on the other hand still had feelings for his partner.

In the ensuing stanza, he continues by saying he wanted to share his feelings with the love interest but stopped because he felt he was not important to her. He also poses a number of questions to his lover to figure out if what they had was real. Apparently, he is quite confused about how easily her feelings for him disappeared. He further tells his partner to think about all their memories together and make a decision about whether she would want to stay or leave.

Chorus of “The Pink Phantom”

The chorus after the first verse portrays the singer’s effort in getting rid of his feelings for his partner. And the one after the second verse narrates how he tried all he could to be the best person for his partner.

Writing Credits

“The Pink Phantom” was co-written by Damon Albarn, 6LACK and Remi Kabaka Jr. Despite Elton John being featured on it, he contributed no writing.

Production and Release

The Gorillaz co-produced it with Remi Kabaka Jr. It subsequently came out on October 1, 2020. It was featured on the band’s 2020 album dubbed “Song Machine, Season One: Strange Timez”.

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