“The Difference” by Flume (ft. Toro y Moi)

The lyrics of Flume’s “The Difference” are very nonspecific. But reading in between the lines, it seems as if the vocalist is emitting an ideology of living a sort of carefree life. But that is not to imply that he is not goal-oriented. Instead, he comes off as the type who wants to accomplish things, and said carefreeness will be in regards to not letting others who don’t share that vision distract him. And even though the titular term is not found in the lyrics, presumably that would be “the difference” between him and some associates, as implied in the pre-chorus, i.e. the vocalist’s insistence to make something out of his life.

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Lyrics to Flume's "The Difference"

“The Difference” Details

Primary Artist(s): Flume
Featured Artist(s): Toro y Moi

Was “The Difference” a single release?

Yes. The song was released as a non-album single on March 11, 2020.


“The Difference” was written by Flume in collaboration with his official collaborator Toro y Moi. In addition to holding co-writing credit, Flume also holds sole production credit for this song.

What musical genre(s) is this song?

  • Dance
  • Electronic

“The Difference” is Nominated for a Grammy

At the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards, “The Difference” earned a nomination for the award, “Best Dance Recording”. “10%” by Kaytranada beat it and the following songs to emerge winner of the award:

Did this song Chart?

Yes. It entered the official singles charts of Australia and New Zealand, peaking at #23 and #7, respectively. In the United States, it also enjoyed top ten success on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic charts.

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