“The Game Is Over” by Evanescence

Evanescence’s “The Game Is Over” is addressed to an individual(s) whom, succinctly put, reads as if he is an oppressor/leader over the singer (i.e. the powers that be). And more to the point of her gripe, this entity has the tendency to play with her mind, or we can say deceive her into believing that everything is alright when in fact it isn’t. Or at least that’s how he wants her to behave. So now, she is telling this person that “the game is over”. Or stated differently, she is tired of playing along with his deceptions in the name of maintaining peace when she is uncomfortable and falsely appearing as if she is cool. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Evanescence's The Game is Over at Lyrics.org.

So ultimately, it seems the way she intends to conduct herself henceforth is by going all out in the search of the truth and keeping it real.


Facts about “The Game Is Over”

“The Game Is Over” was written by Evanescence frontwoman Amy Lee as well as her bandmates. The full songwriting credits are as follows:

  • Amy Lee
  • Will Hunt
  • Tim McCord
  • Troy McLawhorn

And the producer of the track is Nick Raskulinecz.

This is the second single from Evanescence’s “The Bitter Truth” album.

The music video to “The Game Is Over”, which was directed by P. R. Brown, was shot using iPhones.

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