“The Git Up” by Blanco Brown

“The Git Up” is a country-themed, line-dance song presented to us by a hip-hop artist named Blanco Brown. The dance is designed to be conducted with a partner. However, the artist also encourages those who are alone to just follow his lead.

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Blanco Brown's The Git Up at Lyrics.org.

And that is the gist of this track. Brown offers simple instructions on how to perform “the Git Up” in unison. However, there are parts of the dance where improvisation is called for, such as when the singer informs the audience to do the “cowboy boogie” or “the hoedown”, which appear more as ubiquitous terms than references to specific dance moves. 

Meanwhile the title of this actually reads as ‘the get up’, as in Blanco is encouraging the listener to ‘get up’ and dance!

Lyrics of "The Git Up"

Release date of “The Git Up”

“The Git Up” was officially released on 2 May 2019 as a standalone single.

By the middle of the following month it had really gained traction, where in addition to appearing on Billboard’s Hot Country Songs Chart (debuting at number 38), it also marked Blanco Brown’s first time making the Billboard Hot 100. “The Git Up” debuted at number 66. 

#TheGitUpChallenge and TikTok’s role in the song’s success

This is due to the track going viral on social-media platforms like TikTok as well as being associated with the internet dance craze, #TheGitUpChallenge. To help put this in perspective, this is basically the same way Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” – which may prove to be the biggest hit of 2019 and is also a hip-hop/country mashup – also blew up.

 Indeed Blanco Brown released his own videos showing viewers how to perform “The Git Up”, including one alongside country-music singer Lainey Wilson. And as of late June, the latter video garnered over three-millions views.

Writing of “The Git Up Challenge”

Blanco Brown wrote and produced “The Git Up” on his lonesome. He has stated that from the time he had first written and recorded “The Git Up”, “there was… this energy around it that made all of us so happy.”  Indeed one of the things he appreciates the most about the success of this track is that “it seems to bring a smile to everyone’s face.”

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