“The Purge” by Within Temptation

The premise of “The Purge” has the narrator experiencing a sentiment akin to deep-rooted guilt. In other words, something(s) from her past is bothering her conscience.  Moreover, her mind is obviously filled with erroneous, hypocritical philosophies on how to deal with such a situation. And it can be deemed that the title reflects her desire to overcome this ordeal, as in “purge” the aforementioned guilt from her being. 

You can view the lyrics, alternate interprations and sheet music for Within Temptation's The Purge at Lyrics.org.

And ultimately, this track is intended to lead us to the conclusion that the path to redemption rather lies in a person fessing up and recognizing their mistakes.

This is the title track from an EP Within Temptation, a band from the Netherlands, dropped on 20 November 2020. And the label that put it out is Vertigo Records.

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