“Think of Me” by The Veronicas

The Veronicas’ “Think of Me” is a “breakup anthem” with a bit of a self-empowerment tone. As far as the referenced breakup is concerned, the singers express missing their former partner but for the most part diss the individual. And in terms of self-empowerment, they assert their ex ‘thinks of them’ even while with a new partner.

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Although never stated outright, it is clear that the narrators still have feelings for the person they are singing about. Or else they would not know, down to the very second, how long it has been since their romance has dissolved. And at the same time they also admit that since the breakup they have not “felt whole”, thus showing that they miss the person also.

But it is also pretty obvious, via the story being told, that their ex has an unfavorable character. The way they approach the song is by insinuating that he (or she) is treating their current lover the same way he or she treated them. So it reads a lot like a delineation of what they experienced in their own relationship to this person. And what they are fundamentally accusing this individual of is being an opportunist, as in someone who took advantage of their love.


So in summation, during the first part of the song, they speak about this former lover somewhat affectionately, referring to their favorite song together and joking about his cooking. But later, this individual is presented as someone who would charge his own lover to sleep at his house. So despite the fact that they miss him, it is not like their relationship was all gravy. But what this all ultimately boils down to is the singers questioning whether or not this ex misses them, both emotionally and physically and particularly in comparison to his current lover.  And they ask in such a way as to insinuate that they already know that the answer is ‘yes’.

Facts about “Think of Me”

  • “Think of Me” is the first track the Veronicas released since June of 2017, as they took a brief hiatus due to personal reasons.
  • The duo teased the release of this track on the radio show Ash London Live on 28 March 2019.
  • “Think of Me” was written by the Veronicas (Lisa and Jessica Origliasso) along with two other writers Isabella Kearney-Nurse and Roberto De Sa.
  • The song’s co-writer Roberto De Sa (who is also a record producer) produced the track in conjunction with Canadian musician xSDTRK.

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  1. Brenda says:

    I am loving the Veronicas. Honestly I had no ideal who they were until Ruby Rose. The twins music is actually really good. I can’t say I like everything but most of their songs are pretty darn good. I’m especially loving the one song with the video done with Ruby Rose On Your Side. Hey ladies you are doing a great job.

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