Turbulence – Navigating the Storm of Youth and Identity

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  2. Lyrics
  3. Song Meaning
  4. Caught in the Night Skies: A Tale of Growing Pains
  5. An Odyssey for the Lost: The Search for a Safe Landing
  6. Decoding the Hidden Verse: A Beacon of Hope in Despair
  7. Echoes That Resonate: Unforgettable Lyrics Speak Volumes
  8. Embracing Identity in the Eye of the Storm


아직 난 어린 걸지 몰라 ah
까만 밤하늘을 맴돌아 ah
조급함이 만들어 놓은 난기류는 우릴 비틀어
떨어지네 waterfall (떨어지네 waterfall)
끝이 없는 free fall (끝이 없는 free fall)
거친 바람에 다친 마음에
세상은 내게 추락만을 택하라는 듯
끝없는 어둠만

이 끝에 우린 어디로 (yeah)
어떤 모습으로 (yeah) 무엇이 돼야만 하나
단지 난 겨우 나이기도 벅찬 나인데
듣고 있나요 누군가
그저 안아줄 순 없나
우리는 어디로 (yeah) 어떤 모습으로 (yeah)
무엇이 돼야만 하나
또 난

I wanna be where you at, fix on
목적지를 몰라 헤매다 쓰러져 (yeah)
방향을 찾지 못해 방황해 wanderer (yeah)
날개가 꺾이고 휩쓸려 버려 무서워
지치고 지겨워 내게서 계속 멀어져

높은 곳에서 내려다본 세상은 두렵긴 해 (yeah)
청춘이란 물음표에서 정답을 찾는 여행 (yeah)

떨어지네 waterfall (떨어지네 waterfall)
끝이 없는 free fall (끝이 없는 free fall)
(Yeah) 거친 바람에 다친 마음에
세상은 내게 포기만을 택하라는 듯
끝없는 어둠만

이 끝에 우린 어디로 (yeah)
어떤 모습으로 (yeah) 무엇이 돼야만 하나
단지 난 겨우 나이기도 벅찬 나인데
듣고 있나요 누군가 그저 안아줄 순 없나
우리는 어디로 (yeah) 어떤 모습으로 (yeah)
무엇이 돼야만 하나
또 난

어둠뿐인 세상 속에서
하늘 위를 높이 나는 꿈
저기 보여 빛을 따라가

Help me, I just go, we can all go up
무사히 도착하길 빌어 야간비행
Shine on my own 사람들은 그걸
별이라 부를 테니 그저 빛나면 돼
Passion, young, fever

이 끝에 우린 여기서(yeah) 지금 모습으로 (yeah)
무엇이 돼야 한다면
나는 내가 되기를 바라 너도 같기를 (두려워)

듣고 있나요 누군가 가슴에 새길 이 노래
우리 여기서(yeah) 지금 모습으로 (yeah)
그대로여도 괜찮아
Tonight 매일 밤 시린 마음 거친 싸움 (whoa)
지친 날 따스한 온기로 안아줘요 (안아줘요)
매일 밤 시린 바람 거친 파도 지친 날
Still fly 더 안아줘요, hey!
Whoa, whoa

Full Lyrics

ATEEZ’s ‘Turbulence’ is a soaring anthem that captures the volatility inherent in the journey of self-discovery and growth. As we dive into its emotive lyrics, we uncover more than just a song—it’s a reflection of the turbulence faced by many in the shadowy crossroads of life’s voyage. ‘Turbulence,’ serves not just as a relatable soundtrack for its fans, but also as a testament to ATEEZ’s lyrical depth and artistry.

With its stirring blend of melodic vulnerability and raw emotion, ‘Turbulence’ stands as a powerful narrative of the challenges posed by the formative years, resonating with anyone battling the uncertain skies of identity, purpose, and aspiration. Throughout this analysis, we’ll be unmasking the thematic layers and extracting the resonant chords that make this track an unforgettable journey for its listeners.

Caught in the Night Skies: A Tale of Growing Pains

The opening verses of ‘Turbulence’ paint a vivid picture of youthful anxiety, as it speaks to the experience of feeling lost within the vast expanse of the ‘black night sky.’ The imagery of circling aimlessly mirrors the restless search for direction that is often synonymous with young adulthood. ATEEZ conjures a world where the urgency to find purpose creates internal upheaval, metaphorically rendered as the turbulence that warps and twists one’s trajectory.

This turbulence is not merely a chaotic interlude but instead symbolizes the profound struggle of trying to navigate life’s complexities while the world seems to have set one on an endless, directionless free fall. Here, the song becomes more than just an expression of confusion; it eloquently encapsulates the essence of a very common human experience—the daunting precipice of adulthood met with resilience and persistent quest.

An Odyssey for the Lost: The Search for a Safe Landing

In the face of the world’s tumultuous winds and the heart’s wounds inflicted by them, ATEEZ vocalizes a cry for guidance amidst life’s chaotic journey. A quest resonates within the lyrics, as the group yearns for a destination (‘where you at’) and grapples with the pitfalls of uncertainty. The term ‘wanderer’ aptly defines the persona embedded within the lines—a spirit journeying without a known endpoint, yet propelled by a need to fix onto something meaningful.

As the song progresses, the vulnerability of the wanderer becomes palpable, with broken wings and daunting fears painting a relatable tableau of despair. The yearning for identity (‘where we at’) keeps surfacing, signifying the fundamental human desire for a sense of place and purpose. The fear of being swept away and the weariness that comes with continuous strife evoke a shared sentiment of the daunting task to remain buoyant amid adversity.

Decoding the Hidden Verse: A Beacon of Hope in Despair

Within the fabric of ‘Turbulence’ lies a hidden verse that transforms desperation into a beacon of optimistic defiance. As ATEEZ sings of ‘flying high above a world shrouded in darkness,’ they are alluding to the unyielding dream to overcome circumstance. Drawing towards a light, the lyrics invoke the age-old narrative of chasing dreams, with an emphasis on the relentless pursuit despite existential threats that lurk like an endless night.

This verse speaks deeply to those in the thick of their personal trials. It serves as a reminder that amidst the inescapable darkness, one must look up and strive towards the dream of a ‘high-flying’ existence. The notion of ‘following the light’ becomes a metaphorical focal point, suggesting that survival is not a mere absence of failure but an active striving towards a self-determined beacon of individual truth.

Echoes That Resonate: Unforgettable Lyrics Speak Volumes

Every once in a while, a song crafts lines that resound among listeners with profound relatability. ‘Turbulence’ offers up the unwavering struggle of youth as a symphony of such echoes: ‘Clinging to the hope of arrival after a night flight, shining on my own.’ This fragment knits together yearnings for safety, recognition, and the solitary quest of shining despite the surrounding gloom.

The simplicity and directness of these lyrics offer a dual message of individual achievement (‘shine on my own’) and communal hope (‘we can all go up’), ultimately encapsulating the nuanced balance between personal progress and the idea of a collective sojourn. ATEEZ delivers an empowering narrative with these memorable lines, celebrating the passion and ‘fever’ of youth that inspires perseverance through the haze of struggles.

Embracing Identity in the Eye of the Storm

One of the most compelling elements of ‘Turbulence’ is its affirmation of identity amid the chaos of existence. The song crescendos into an acceptance of self, crystallized in the realization that being one’s true self (‘I wanna be where you at’) is a foundational element of the journey. The refrain of ‘whoa, whoa,’ an auditory embodiment of embracing one’s present state, illustrates the beauty in standing firmly within one’s own being.

Concluding with an embrace of the current self, ‘Turbulence’ suggests that there is worth and nobility in simply existing as you are. In a world that perpetually urges change and betterment, ATEEZ puts forth a resounding case for self-acceptance. Cozying through the ‘chilly night’ and the ‘rough battles,’ the plea for warmth through understanding signals an ultimate yearning for compassion as the truest guide through life’s turbulent flights.

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