U2’s “In God’s Country” Lyrics Meaning

“God’s country”, as presented in U2’s “In God’s Country”, is actually a flattering appellation for the United States of America. And the primary sentiment expressed throughout is one where Bono is challenging its citizens – and you can say immigrants in particular – to fully capitalize on the American dream.

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Or perhaps a simpler way of looking at it is that he felt that particularly ideology has been stagnated. So he is instructing those who are now coming to the States in name of “liberty” and new opportunity to work hard towards bringing about some type of positive change. And this is not meant to be interpreted as a call for social activism. Rather it’s more like a cry for entrepreneurship, where the desired result is indeed “gold”. Or another way of putting the whole idea is that he doesn’t want people like immigrants to forget why they came to the shores of America in the first place. For if they do, they will just end up amongst its masses of depressed people.

Lyrics of “In God’s Country”

Release Date of “In God’s Country”

“In God’s Country” was released as the fourth single from U2’s 1987 album “The Joshua Tree” on 16 November of that same year. However, Island Records opted to release it as a single in North America (the United States and Canada) only. Other notable singles from “The Joshua Tree” include:

Did this song chart?

Yes, it did. It charted in both the United States and Canada, including peaking at number 6 on Billboard’s US Mainstream Rock Tracks.

Who wrote “In God’s Country”?

This song was written exclusively by Bono. And it was recorded in the Edge’s, (another member of U2), basement.

“In God’s Country” was produced by a pair of the band’s regular collaborators, Brian Eno alongside Daniel Lanois.

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  1. Deacon Michael James says:

    Hmmm, I’ve listened to she loved this song since it came out. If been focusing so nich on the Gods Country okay I’ve been missing where he says “I stand with the sons of Cain” 🤯😧🤕

    Did he REALLY just say that? Cain is the first MURDERER in all of Human history … Why in TH would he say he stands with that demon possessed 👹 SERPENT 👽 seed 👺 …
    … Other than he’s REMIND US he’s not about God but sake the worldly things, like GOLD.

    When you get to a certain level, the Illuminati come calling, she he’s caved in BIG TIME 😕😢

    From a song that truly HONORED God, Gloria, in te dominae, that’s a Latin phrase referring God…

    ..to I stand with the dogs of CAIN 😧 HELL NO, Bono, you can stay with them soon you want, it ain’t be okay when He💥✝️💯 Congress back for those on the dark side.

    • Anonymous says:

      He says he stands with the “sons” of Cain. Cain himself. One son was supposed to be a musician. Isn’t it said that the sons atone for for the sins of the father

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