“Use It Up And Wear It Out” by Odyssey

This is one of those disco songs of old which is encouraging the listener to vigorously get his or her boogie on. Indeed they are advised to “use it up and wear it out”, with the titular “it” being synonymous with their bodies. Or stated otherwise, Odyssey wants to audience to dance themselves into exhaustion – to enjoy themselves in such a manner as if the outside world doesn’t even exist. And yes, there is a romantic undertone also, as in the insinuation that such dancing may be inspired by the dancers’ “hungry feeling for some love”. 

Also the singer herself is admiring the bodies of the dancers. So it can definitely be interpreted that the lyrics have a somewhat-faint sexual innuendo. For overall what they are primarily centered on is promoting the concept of carefree dancing.

“” Facts

Writing: L. Russell Brown composed this along with Sandy Linzer
Production: Linzer
Album/EP: “Hang Together”
Release Year: 1980

Despite “Use It Up and Wear It Out” not being a hit in America, it was a major radio hit in the United Kingdom. Here, it topped the official single chart and stayed there for two weeks. This made it one of the most successful singles in the UK in 1980.

This classic is considered Odyssey’s most successful song in Britain.

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