Vampire Weekend’s “Hannah Hunt” Lyrics Meaning

All lyrics considered, “Hannah Hunt” reads like a love song, even if one that is never specifically so. The titular “Hannah Hunt” is in fact a real person. Hannah was a lady whom Ezra Koenig was associated with in college. 

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This song is actually a very-interesting love song. This is because unlike others which tend to fall into this category, the lyrics don’t revolve around an admiration of the addressee’s beauty or anything like that. Rather, what’s being implied is that Ezra derived the most pleasure from their relationship via traveling around with Hannah and the type of genuine rapport that they shared. 

Further along those lines, it seems what’s being implied is that Hunt, at least for a time, edified the vocalist holistically. Put simply, she reminded him for instance that there’s more to life than the pursuit of the money.

It isn’t until the second chorus, which comes after the third verse, where it is finally implied, through the use of certain lingo, that this association is romantic in nature. Before that, the narrator and Hannah come off more along the lines of being besties, albeit of opposite sexes.

Nothing lasts forever

It is illustrated in the third verse that somewhere during the course of this beautiful association, discontent began to brew between the two of them. Reading in between the lines, what is theoretically being relayed in that regard is that Hannah began to grow weary of bouncing around so much, or something to that effect.

So as far as the aforementioned second chorus goes, Hannah starting to behave disagreeably has caused Ezra to doubt his “trust” in her. And without that all important element in their relationship, he does not perceive a “future” for the two of them. But the thesis sentiment being relayed is that nonetheless, he valued the time they were together. And that is because, most simply put, it proved to be one of the most-meaningful eras of his life.

Lyrics of Vampire Weekend's “Hannah Hunt”

When was “Hannah Hunt” released?

XL Records made “Hannah Hunt” public on 14 May 2013. The song appears on Vampire Weekend’s album “Modern Vampires of the City”. This album was extremely successful both on a commercial and critical level. It is actually considered one of the greatest albums of all time.

To note, this track was not issued as a single. However, by the looks of things, fans of the band, based on a 2020 Reddit post, consider it Vampire Weekend’s best work.

Credits for “Hannah Hunt”

“Hannah Hunt” was written by Ezra Koenig, Vampire Weekend’s singer. According to Koenig, the song’s composition actually dated back to the band’s early goings. This was around the time they were still in college during the mid-aughts. 

The producers of this song are Ariel Rechtshaid and Rostam, who are akin to regular collaborators.

What happened to Hannah?

Interesting to note is that Hannah Hunt herself went on to become a professional musician. She is currently part of a group known as Dominant Legs.

Hannah Hunt

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