Vampire Weekend’s “Harmony Hall” Lyrics Meaning

Vampire Weekend is a band known for presenting audiences with open-ended lyrics that can be interpreted from a variety of standpoints. And accordingly, their song “Harmony Hall” does not seem to be a specific place but a variety of venues. These venues tend to share two themes in common – they are oppressive despite appearing dignified on the outside, and they are inhabited by creatures of disagreeable character. In other words, “Harmony Hall” is the Vampire Weekend’s symbol for the entire ‘system’ as it is run by the elite.

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For instance, at the beginning of the song, it is apparent that “Harmony Hall” represents a school, most likely Columbia University where three of the bandmates attended. What makes this an unsavory establishment is not only a never-ending regiment of questioning. But moreso it is a place with the existence of “wicked snakes” within its chambers.

The second “Harmony Hall” is a venue where “power lies”. This is most likely an allusion to dominant political structures. When interacting with these institutions, frontman Ezra Koenig, wisely doesn’t forget how his people, the Jews, are negatively perceived by many facets of society.

Ultimately their interactions with “Harmony Hall” seem more or less unavoidable. However, now that their eyes have been opened to what goes on behind the scenes, their minds cannot ignore such knowledge. This causes an internal conflict where they don’t want to deal with these establishments. At the same time they recognize their basic roles in overall survival.

In summation, the song’s lyrics attack the dominant institutions which appear harmonious on the outside but inwardly are full of wickedness.

Harmony Hall lyrics
Lines from the song’s chorus.

NOTE: It’s important that we mention that the explanation above was derived from literal point of view of the lyrics.

Facts about “Harmony Hall”

  • Ezra Koenig wrote this song. He then collaborated with music producer Ariel Rechtshaid to have it produced.
  • Koenig is the only member of the band to receive songwriting/production credits on this song.
  • Songwriter and producer Rostam is also credited with contributing additional production to the track.
  • “Harmony Hall” came out on January 24, 2018. It was released along with the song “2021”.
  • Along with “2021”, this track wasn’t only the band’s first new music for 2019, but it was also their first in about six years. Prior to this, the last single the band released was in 2013. The aforementioned song is titled “Unbelievers”.
  • This song interpolates certain lyrics from the track “Finger Back”. “Finger Back” was released by Vampire Weekend in 2013.

Which album is “Harmony Hall” on?

It is on the band’s fourth studio album titled Father of the Bride.

Did Rostam Batmanglij record this song with the band?

Yes. Rostam left the band in 2016. However, he receives production credit on the track. It’s really not surprising Rostam collaborated with the band despite his departure. Upon leaving the band, he had promised to continue collaborating with them. Apparently he kept his promise.

Had the band performed this song publicly before its release?

No. Prior to its release, it had never been performed live.

4 Responses

  1. Evan says:

    Harmony Hall is actually one of the Dorms at Columbia University.

    • asdf says:

      Really? I assumed it was a metaphor for an echo chamber, b/c of that line “Singers harmonize till they can’t hear anything”

  2. Anonymous says:

    Perhaps too many voices no longer create harmony. They are all drowning each other out.

  3. Kumar says:

    Wicked snakes inside a place you thought was dignified ….could apply to most any situation in one’s life….has universal appeal

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