“Vibe” by Cookiee Kawaii

Perhaps the neatest way to classify Cookiee Kawaii’s “Vibe” is as it being a twerk song. Kawaii is addressing a romantic interest. And what she has set about doing, succinctly put, is attracting him with her body. More to the point is that she is touting herself as having fat/phat – as in thick and shapely – behind, which she is ‘throwing back’, i.e. shaking for his amusement. 

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And by extension this song can deemed as an ode to all twerkers, i.e. the kind of jam you would commonly hear in a venue such as a club. In other words, the artist is not only putting it on some dude, but in the process she is also celebrating her feminine curves. And the titular “vibe” she is referring to is basically akin to the male addressee being attracted to her. 

So conclusively this song isn’t complicated at all. It is meant to appeal to a certain type of audience, i.e. listeners who enjoy booty-shaking music with a strong sensual undertone.

Lyrics of "Vibe"

Release Date of “Vibe”

“Vibe” was released as a standalone single on 3 April 2019. And the track was produced by an entity known as TrillzMix.

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