“We Belong” by Pat Benatar

Pat Benatar’s “We Belong” is centered on a troubled romantic relationship which she is in with the addressee. The way the situation reads is that the addressee is having doubts about their union. And the result is that such is likewise taking an emotional toll on the singer herself, causing her to have her own reservations about the two of them remaining as a unit. However, her ultimate conclusion is that they indeed “belong together”. 

In other words, she may not like what is currently going on, nor does she understand the intricacies of love. However, she does realize that they are in fact in love. And as such instead of focusing on the past or even present of their relationship, she would rather focus on that aspect, that the love between them is real. Because of this, she is more resolved to work it out or forget about their problems as opposed to actually breaking up.

Facts about “We Belong”

Pat Benatar didn’t pen “We Belong”. Dan Navarro along with Eric Lowen are its only writers. Its producers are N. Giraldo and P. Coleman.

“We Belong” was released by Chrysalis Records on October 16th, 1984, serving as the lead single from Pat’s fifth-studio album, which is entitled “Tropico”.

This track has maintained a strong pop-media presence throughout the years.  For instance fans of the 2006 video game “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories” may notice it as one of the tunes played on the fictional radio station contained therein called Emotion 98.3. And in 2018 it also made an appearance on the hit superhero film “Deadpool 2”. Furthermore it has shown up on a number of television shows like “Hill St. Blues” (1985) and “Gossip Girl” (2012).

The track also proved quite-popular when it was first released. For example, it charted in over 10 countries, including appearing on the UK Singles Chart and peaking at number 5 on the notable Billboard Hot 100. It also made Billboard’s year-end Hot 100 list for 1985 and has been certified Gold in Canada.

Moreover it was nominated for a Grammy Award in 1985, ultimately losing to Whitney Houston’s “Saving All My Love for You”.

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  1. Tom Claus says:

    “We belong” is a fantastic, and my favourite, number of Pat Benatar. It got much radioplaying in Belgium in 1985 too, although it didn’t reach a very high position in the Belgian charts.

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