“What You Know” by Two Door Cinema Club

On “What You Know”, the writer appears to be suppressing his feelings for a love interest so he can avoid manning up and dealing with it. This is evident in the way he predicts that he would later realize he could have taken his chance with this person but decided to let it pass.

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As he reveals in the chorus, he is well aware that this girl is lonely and needs him to fill the gap in her life, yet he chickens out and doesn’t pursue her because he doubts that he can actually give her what she wants. He constantly second-guesses himself by suggesting that he’s not good for this girl. In the end, he admits that he may not have the courage to do what she expects currently, yet he assures her that he cares for her and is aware of her plight.

Facts about “What You Know”

The writers of this song are listed below:

  • Alex Trimble
  • Sam Halliday
  • Kevin Baird

And its producer is Eliot James.

Even though Alex Trimble wanted this to be the first single from “Tourist History”, the Two Door Cinema Club’s debut album, the band’s label, Kitsuné, opted to release it as the last. And they did so on 7 February 2011.

Lope Serrano, who is part of a filmography crew known as CANADA, directed the music video to this track.

“What You Know” proved moderately successful, appearing on a couple of Billboard charts in addition to the UK Singles Chart. The tune has also been certified silver in the United Kingdom.

This song also well known for being used on a commercial for Microsoft Outlook in 2012.

Lyrics of "What You Know"


What You Know covers the narrator’s feelings of doubt and inadequacy in an attempt to pursue a love interest.

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