“Whiskey on You” by Nate Smith

Ever felt so heartbroken after a breakup that you end up drowning your sorrows in alcohol? If you’ve felt like you’re the only one, rest assured you’re not as a significant percentage of people also deal with such a predicament on a daily basis. One example of such people is singer Nate Smith. And he sheds some light on this unenviable quandary through his song, “Whiskey on You”.

Via the song’s lyrics, we get to know that Smith has been sacrificing money, time and possibly his health on alcohol trying to submerge the hurt brought on by his ex-lover’s absence in his life.

Fortunately, he comes to his senses that it’s not worth it as nothing’s going to change the past. Furthermore, his ex didn’t waste much time in finding someone new.

Well, if an ex having moved on isn’t a wake-up call, I don’t know what else would be.

So accordingly, Smith has come to the realization that abusing alcoholic beverages because of his former lover isn’t a smart thing to do. He therefore vows firmly to never again waste a single “drop of whiskey on” his ex.

Nate Smith, "Whiskey On You" Lyrics

Smith talks about the Inspiration behind “Whiskey on You”

In an interview, Smith shared the inspiration behind this song. According to him, the song was purely inspired by “some personal stuff” he had to deal with. The track was used as a medium for him to express his feelings on “getting to the other side.”

It would seem that “the other side” Smith is talking about is his healing process post-breakup.

Release Date of “Whiskey on You”

The song was officially released on 6th May 2022 by Sony Music Nashville. As of the release date of “Whiskey on You”, it wasn’t accompanied with any album.

Prior to the track’s official release, Smith marketed its pending release via a rough demo of the song which he teased on his Instagram account. The song went on to gain popularity on TikTok with fans posting videos of themselves lip-syncing to the demo.


As implied above, Nate Smith wrote this song. He composed it based on some personal issues he was dealing with. However, he isn’t credited as the song’s exclusive writer as he received writing support from two other American songwriters. His co-writers are:

  • Russell Sutton (who is known for working alongside Elvie Shane, Trey Lewis and Drew Green)
  • Lindsay Rimes (who has collaborated with such names as Troye Sivan, Kylie Minogue and Kane Brown)

It is worth noting that Lindsay also served as the producer of “Whiskey on You”.

Whiskey On You

Nate Smith, the Rising Star

As of 2022 (the year “Whiskey on You” was released), Nate Smith is considered a rising star. His rise began after went viral on social media (TikTok to be specific) with a song titled “Wildfire”.

This social media success led to Smith signing a record deal with Sony Music Nashville. He had released a few tracks independently before being signed.

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