“Wild West” by Dennis Lloyd

The best way to describe Dennis Lloyd’s “Wild West” is one where the singer seems to be expressing love towards a lady who cheated on him. And he is in a state of loneliness as a result of this disappointment, as in feeling that nobody can relate to what he is going through. 

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Part of his disposition is also highlighted by a feeling of limited control over his life, particularly in regards to his mental state. But strangely enough, that particular sensation is something that he ‘loves’.

He also states that he is ready to commit to the addressee, the aforementioned lady. Likewise he is confident that this is something she too desires. Then the song jumps ahead in the timeline of this relationship, to the point after they have already been hooked up. And the singer bemoans that despite giving his all to this particular woman, her actions (including lying and cheating) have more or less destroyed the relationship.

And ultimately, it seems as if what he is telling her is something like ‘what goes around comes around’. Putting it differently, once again, she cannot relate to his current experience. But he perceives a day where maybe she will, as in her heart similarly being broken. And as for the title of the song, it likely alludes to the general usage of the term “wild west”, as in being applied to a free-for-all environment.

Writing and Production of “Wild West”

Dennis Lloyd not only wrote “Wild West”, but he also produced it. He did both the writing and production without assistance from anyone.

Date of Release of “Wild West”

Lloyd officially dropped “Wild West” on 13 September 2019.

It is one of the songs on the official soundtrack of the renowned “FIFA 20” video game.

No Title in Lyrics

Lloyd didn’t use the song’s title even once throughout the whole lyrics.

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