“Wildflower” by Skylark

Skylark’s “Wildflower” generally talks about the struggles and emotionality associated with womanhood. The central character of the song is a young woman who has survived very difficult times, considerably harder than someone her age should be allowed to bear. The title “Wildflower” must have been chosen because this person was able to grow through her struggle without external help.

Throughout those seasons, she has tried her best to hold back her tears. It seems this woman has had to deal with her problems all by herself. This makes her sadder because she is the only one who knows what’s going on in her life, and the rest of the world is not even looking forward to sharing in her pain.

Skylark proposes a solution for her; she has to be given a chance to pour out her emotions and let it all out. Letting her dream signifies allowing her to pursue her desires and attaining certain heights without any fear. Letting the rain fall down upon her means showering her with love, affection, and giving her the opportunity to fully blossom into the Wildflower she is.

The singer also expresses how precious she is. He appears not to want to force intimacy with her. However, if he is given the chance, he will go all out to make her his.

She’s so delicate

Delicacy is a resounding character she possesses. So much that the writer warns others to be careful how they treat her. This is probably because there’s so much that needs to be healed on the inside and any rough treatment could worsen the situation. Literally, sleeping helps her to get away from her pain and be free for a while. This is why the writer prompts others not to disturb her.

A life rife with problems

Another noteworthy element is that this woman is facing problems not necessarily caused by her, but by the circumstances and environment she finds herself in. She seems to find herself surrounded and affected by other people’s problems. But because she is naturally caring, she feels even more burdened to solve them.

Song’s Inspiration

Skylark’s David Richardson shared in an interview that he was inspired by a nurse he was dating, while writing this song. According to him, he went to her house to pick her up for an outing one night but met her so upset and at the brink of tears. She told him that two of her patients whom she had gotten familiar with died that day and she felt miserable. She let out all her pain and he just listened to her. Afterwards she thanked him and got back into her room to change clothes for the date. Richardson said he waited for a long while only to realize she had fallen asleep in her room, probably because of the emotional stress. He then covered her up with a blanket, without waking her, and left her to rest.


To sum it all, the focal point of this song is to praise the female character for her strength which is found in what she is able to bear. It is also to urge people generally to be more attentive to the needs of others and give them a shoulder to lean on in hard times.

"Wildflower" lyrics

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  1. Linda Barnes says:

    That’s a awesome awesome song. I choreographed the dance to this when I was. 14 years of age my next door neighbor at the album how Creative Source And Listen to the song Wildflower. Over and over again Wildflower…. it’s such a emotional empowering composition with lyrics that transforms and with the musical score the creme de La Creme ,ulala, ulala- I utilize that piece. For my audition to be a early admission student. At Brooklyn College I entered into Brooklyn College in 1974. At the age of 15 I love love love this song. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you for writing it. And for all those that listen to it Who recognized? Magic and beauty that they were listening to Nothing, but Peace Love. And Mucho Joy

  2. Maria Hernandez says:

    My age is 64. Who was to know even at this age I have given my heart out and helped many alcoholics in my life.
    Time an time again I am left shattered and deeply destroyed.
    All this started when I. Turned 15 and growing up with an emotionally unavailable and abusive father.
    But I loved him till he died in 2016.
    He was my father and only father and I still love him.
    At present I have been rejected after being there wholly for the last ten years of my life.
    I totally relate to this girl.
    I am still a child inside and so much to learn.
    Maybe someday I can finally heal.
    The only time I don’t hurt is when I am sleep.
    Thank you for a beautiful song.
    Luv you all.

  3. brenda baxter says:

    First heard this song in a friend’s car in 1974 following finding my boyfriend cheating on me…great breakup song …..years go by and another relationship over and had to hear that song over and over….gives me strength …I know I can get through it again

  4. Lisa Gill says:

    I’ve always liked this song since I heard it over 40 years ago. Even though, I didn’t fully understand the powerful and encouraging lyrics. Thank goodness for technology, giving us the means to relive such wonderful music knowing the lyrics and their meaning.

  5. Sami says:

    I remember hearing this song on the radio..I was crying at the time, I was about 15 or 16. My brothers and I where split up… and we were forced to live with other relatives… When your younger you don’t have the full realization of the meaning of things.. This song held me than, as it holds me now.. I am in my sixties and the child in me still holds on to my dreams ..cries inside and sleeps to be free. Life can be a harsh reality with beauty waiting to be set free.

  6. Virginia says:

    Received this as a channeled song today. This song currently is me.

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